14 Opposition MPs suspended : Shocking

14 Opposition MPs suspended : Shocking

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The old man in his 60s in expectation of updates of the recent Parliament attack, picks up the newspaper. He reads “opposition MPs” This stuns him as he was expecting the name of a person or organization he then rolls out the newspaper. Later he looks at views of various political parties on the issue and begins to analyze the truth.

The old man is sunk in his thoughts, meanwhile, the neighbourhood boy comes to the house. The boy: your face says, you are in deep thinking, what’s that all about? Nothing says the old man. Oh tell me replies the boy. The Update of the Parliament attack has worried me more than the attack. What are you saying the boy asks.

Old Man: After the incident, the opposition MPs questioned the ruling party on the security lapses, that allowed the attack. They questioned why the security forces responded minutes after the attack but not immediately. They also asked the reason for hiring private security agencies for parliament security in place of the Central Police Reserve Force. Finally, they asked for a debate on the issue.

Boy: What was the response of the ruling party?

Old Man: The ruling party suspended 14 opposition MPs after they questioned security lapses that led to the attack

Opposition MPs

Boy: I am not able to believe this

Old Man: But this is what happened they were suspended on the charges of disrespecting the house and preventing the house from functioning

Boy: How did the opposition react to this especially those who are suspended?

Old man: A few of them are protesting outside the parliament

Boy: How did others react, those who were not suspended

Old Man: The opposition MPs have decided to carry placards and thereby the speaker will suspend them

Boy: Placard?

Old Man: Yes, they carried placards inside the parliament to protest against the Government

Boy: So are they suspecting the ruling party’s hand in this?

Old Man: They are demanding the Home Minister to reply to their queries

Boy: What are those?

Old Man:

  •   Why no action has been taken against Pratap Simha?
  •   Why Home Minister is not making any statement?
  •   Why did you disregard security concerns raised by the opposition MPs?

Old Man: These are the latest news as per my knowledge

Boy: OK, I am leaving now

Old man to Himself: I do not understand what is going on here or who is responsible but one thing is very clear there is a hand of the powerful people who have some mischievous intention.

He then reads about Khalistan terrorist Gurpatwant Pannun Singh’s threat to India in which he vowed to attack the Indian Parliament on the 22nd anniversary, he also read about his request for Sikhs not to travel in Air India from November 19. Meanwhile, he comes across another incident that happened in the morning where a man in his 20s and a woman in her 30s carried a canister and created a smoke screen in front of the Parliament. Police caught them and took them to the nearby police station.

Old Man to Himself: The incident that took place in the morning isn’t receiving attention as the one which took place inside the parliament, something is fishy. The words of Gurpatwant Pannun Singh of the Aeroplane attack on November 19 and his vow to attack the parliament on the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attack on parliament coincidentally security breaches in and outside the parliament on the same day making look mysterious. Later he asks himself: Is this the first time the opposition MPs are suspended for questioning, I hope this is the first and last.

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1. Why opposition MPs were suspended?

The opposition MPs were suspended because they were demanding a statement from Home Minister Amit Shah on the security Breach and the suspension of Pratap Simha who gave them passes. This pushed the house into disorder and in turn, the speaker suspended the opposition MPs

2. What happened in the morning at the parliament gate?

A man in his 20s and a woman in his 30s carried a canister and created a smoke screen in front of the Parliament, they were arrested by police immediately and took them to a nearby police station.

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