Android 15 developer Preview released: Details are here

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Google has released the “Android 15 developer preview”. As the name suggests the trial version is meant for developers, the stable version will be released somewhere around June or July

Android 15 developer preview

“Necessity is the mother of Inventions”, the teenage boy reads. He is fourteen years old and studying in Grade 9 with great hopes for his future by believing in the claims of society such as “class 10 settles your life”. However, those who make such claims themselves do not have relevant numbers or the experience to prove it. Months later he is in grade 10, and the so-called “Life turning point” beats on his head, ears, eyes, and sleep. I mean the words that ask you to “compromise your sleep”, or that say “your life is over” when you don’t study.

In this routine, the boy who is now fifteen years old remembers the same old phrase that he read a year ago “Necessity is the mother of Inventions”. His mind is calling him to get out of this boring routine and also his curiosity is pulling him up towards the phrase on top of this he discovers that the “Android 15 developer preview” which he installed last year on his old phone is still in the phone.

At this moment his mind is showing him the fruits of Identifying errors in the developer preview. However, his intelligence tells him to go through the details of the “Android 15 developer preview”. Unlike where a person falls for his mind, he falls for his intelligence. If you are a curious experimenter just like him follow him to know what he discovered.

The boy learns that Google is coming up with Android 15 to address the security concerns and privacy of the users. Google has also added features to allow users to control the camera and allow developers ways to manage heat which in turn helps the app function keeping in mind the increasing average time of smartphone usage among users. He then learns that the “Android 15 developer Preview” is meant for developers so that they can learn and develop suitable apps, the other reason is to get suggestions from the users and developers.

He expresses his discouragement over the announcement that the version is meant for developers only. He feels the Android 15 discouraged him just like his textbooks. After a few seconds, he comes across the information that, “The version can be downloaded by everyone however one must understand the technical problems that come along with it. Also, he/she must know how to install OS to the phone’s flash storage after doing this successfully one can experience the Android 15 developer preview version.

Without reading further the teenage boy jumps into action but minutes later the technical details create a fear in his mind, he reaches out to the Instructions again. He learns the Google announcement which informs “If you do not want to face technical issues wait until April or May for the beta version. If not it has been requested until July for a stable version and a version for users will be released at the end of the year”. The boy does not react as he intends to explore the trial version.

New features in Android 15

Importance to User Privacy, file security, and more control over camera hardware and tools like heat and power management etc.

Android 15 developer preview supported on which phone

For now, Google has said which phones Google is capable of the new version just as it does for all the versions

In these mobiles, the Android 15 developer preview version is supported.

If your device is not mentioned in the above list, please wait for these phones more phones will be added to the list.

He moves his eyes and expresses the frustration on his face over the lack of Information on how to install the Android 15 Developer Preview. With this frustration, he again moves back to his daily routine.

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1. When will the Android 15 version be released to the public?

The Android 15 version will be released to the public after July

2. Is the Android 15 developer preview version for only developers?

The version can be downloaded by anyone however one must be ready to face the technical problems that come with it.

3. What are the new features in Android 15?

This version uses a privacy sandbox with this the Android 15 version aims to strengthen Privacy and limit access to third-party apps.

More control for developers and creators on premium hardware which strengthens the brightness of the camera preview, adjusts flash strength, connects MIDI 2.0 devices via USB etc.

Heat and Processing power management tools are also included

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