Ashwin and Jadeja beat Kumble and Harbhajan got the title

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Ashwin and Jadeja are India’s most powerful bowling pair in test cricket. They have achieved a record of 504 wickets in 50 test matches, breaking the record of Kumble and Harbhajan, which is 501 wickets in 54 test matches. Their excellent performance against England in Hyderabad earned them the name of the most powerful bowling pair in cricket’s History.

It is a wonderful and dangerous journey, says Nikhil to Akhil. Nikhil is meeting him after five years. He then talks about the ghats, dense forests, fog, trees, etc. Nikhil remembers about Ashwin and Jadeja but keeps quiet for no reason. He had good food and received the comforts of his friend Akhil, Hours passed but they didn’t feel so, as the meeting was successful after years. Both Speak about their life and futures, past challenges, aspirations, desires, etc.

Akhil: It is time for bed

Nikhil: Follows him and sleeps on the smooth bed

Akhil: Tell me anything about cricket. (His fondness of cricket started from his school days.)

Nikhil: Doesn’t reply because he has fallen asleep

Akhil: Punches him and wakes him up

Nikhil: What happened?

Akhil: Talk, We can sleep late at night and wake up at 10 a.m.

Nikhil: What is there to talk?

Akhil: Cricket

Nikhil to Himself: Let me make him angry, remembering about Ashwin and Jadeja

Akhil: What are you thinking?

Nikhil: Nothing, The record wicket-breaking is no longer with the Indian bowlers (Knowing Akhil doesn’t watch test matches)

Akhil: what the hell, then who has?

Nikhil: England

Akhil: who is second and third?


  • Shane Warne and Glen McGrath took 1001 wickets in 104 test matches
  • Anderson and Stuart Broad had 1039 wickets in 138 test matches
  • Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan took 474 wickets in 59 test matches
  • Kumbhle and Harbhajan took 501 wickets in 54 test matches
  • Ashwin and Jadeja took 504 wickets in 50 test matches

Akhil: Oh so sad

Nikhil: Did you see how the number of wickets has decreased from the first pair to the last pair

Akhil: Yes

Nikhil: Only wickets are counted as per the new rules

Akhil: what?

Nikhil: Nothing, sleep now all the Indian bowlers got fewer wickets, Ashwin and Jadeja got the least wickets

Akhil: Tell me correctly, how come only wickets are counted?

Nikhil: That is what I heard

Nikhil: You look at yourself, because you don’t believe me

Akhil: I am not in the mood to look at it. I am frustrated

Nikhil: I will give you the medicine

Akhil: what do you mean?

Telling actual wickets taken by Ashwin and Jadeja

Nikhil: The first three spots are occupied by Indian bowlers (he laughs loudly after saying this)

Ashwin and Jadeja

Akhil: You Idiot (Thrashes and punches Nikhil)

Akhil: Who is in the first spot?

Nikhil: Stop, it is Ashwin and Jadeja in the first spot, Just put everything in the reverse order you will get it

Akhil: (Relaxing after a moment) I would have killed you now, I stopped me because you are a guest.

Nikhil: Oh, I see. (In a ridiculing voice)

Akhil: Now tell me something which reduces my anger before I kill you (Holding his neck)

Nikhil: I will tell you (coughing just after Akhil released his neck)

Nikhil: The England batters fell to Ashwin and Jadeja early but were able to play well later

Akhil: Then?

Nikhil: Axar Patel and Jadeja sent Joe Root and Bairstow home, who stabilised the batting

Akhil: Then

Nikhil: Experts said Ravindra and Jadeja will uplift the audience’s curiosity when their ball meets excellent batters. (Relaxes Finally)

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1. Who broke the previous record of wickets taken in test matches?

Ashwin and Jadeja broke the record 504 wickets in 50 test matches

2. What was the Previous record of wickets in test matches and who had achieved it?

The Previous record was 501 wickets in 54 test matches, achieved by Kumbhle and Harbhajan

3. which country bowlers have occupied the fourth and fifth spots, and who are they?

The fourth spot is occupied by English bowlers Anderson and Stuart Broad, who got 1039 wickets in 138 test matches, and the fifth spot is occupied by Australian bowlers Shane Warne and Glen McGrath, who got 1001 wickets in 104 test matches.

4. What title did Aswin and Jadeja earn as bowlers?

Ashwin and Jadeja earned the title of “most successful bowling pair.” after they broke the previous record of Kumble and Harbhajan

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