Azad Engineering IPO: Shares allotted, December 28

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Quick gains are a beloved fact in this world, one such is the stock market. Vignesh is a middle-aged man with family responsibilities. This means he cannot risk his money by investing in the stock market, but that doesn’t mean he is making a blind investment because he has gone through the company documents. A few days back Vignesh invested a hefty sum of money, he was hesitant to invest but did so, because he had no other means to arrange money within a short period, which he needed at any cost.

He listens to his friend saying that the allotment of Azad Engineering shares has been finalised, he hopes two things at the moment he has been allotted shares and prices have risen. His friend Bharath remembers the day almost two decades back when he pleaded with his friend to invest as he could now invest little without worries, which wouldn’t be possible later in his life. Even now, Vignesh could invest but not without fear, hope and desire. He begins to check the details he went through to make sure or to defeat his unknown fear and check his allotment with assurance.

Vignesh tells Bharath to answer the questions he asks on Azad Engineering Company

Azad Engineering

Bharath: OK, But what…..
Vignesh: Just tell me
Bharath: Fine
Vignesh: Tell me about their products
Bharath: Azad Engineering manufactures Aerospace and turbine
Vignesh: The bidding period was shorter, I think so?
Bharath: Yes, December 20 to December 22

Vignesh: What about their registrar?
Bharath: Kfin technologies
Vignesh: OK, What about those who haven’t been allotted shares
Bharath: This is a silly question so please stop it
Vignesh: Just tell. I am losing my patience
Bharath: Money will be refunded
Vignesh: For those who are allotted?
Bharath: Their shares will be reflected in their Demat account in the Azad Engineering section……………….. Is it enough or do you need more explanation?

Vignesh: Yes, check whether shares have been allotted or not
Bharath: ok
Vignesh: Has it been allotted? or not tell me quickly
Bharath: Wait, till I enter the login credentials
Vignesh: My hands are trembling and my legs also. I don’t know what is happening to me.
Bharath: Yes, It has been allocated
Vignesh: What? So did the prices rise

Bharath: No
Vignesh: Then sell it now, immediately says with sweating and trembling
Bharath: Have you gone mad? A minimum period of holding must be fulfilled  only after the period, we will be able to sell
Vignesh: No…………………
Bharath: On December 28 Azad Engineering IPO  is going to be listed on the stock exchange either BSE, NSE
VigneshOh, I see
Bharath: Shall we sell it
Vignesh: No, this is a valuable treasure

Vignesh listens to the various ways cyber crimes are committed by sending links that have been affected by viruses, getting details under the pretext of official procedure, creating fake websites of popular sites, honey traps, Promising Jobs etc. A few minutes later he just winds up what he listened to just now all of a sudden he pulls out the laptop and starts checking the browser history as fear of fake websites has caught him he later reads,

The registrar’s website is Kfintech

Company name Azad Engineering under the “IPO” section

  • Select the Application number PAN number or Demat
  • Enter the details accordingly
  • Enter the captcha and click on “Submit”.

After reading, he breathes a sigh of relief. But not for a long time because the fact that he pulled up his laptop for some reason caught him. The demand of the mind has not been fulfilled. On the other hand, the mind Is also working hard after enduring pain physically and mentally. He later remembers to check the domain or website name and only to find it is the official one.

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1. When would Azad Engineering IPO get listed on the stock market?

The Azad Engineering IPO will be listed on the stock exchange on December 28

2. What was the bidding period for the Azad Engineering IPO?

The bidding period was from December 20 to 22.

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