Bajaj Auto share price rises amid 4000 crore buyback at 10,000 per share

Bajaj Auto share price rises amid 4000 crore buyback at 10,000 per share

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Bajaj's share price rises

Bajaj Auto has announced the repurchase of 4000 crore shares at rupees 10,000 per share. This has led to a sharp Uptick in Bajaj’s share price an aspiring Investor who listened to this immediately picked his mobile to purchase the shares. Just before he is about to pay the money to purchase shares he remembers the suggestions given by the experienced Investors to learn and not to make any Emotional decisions including happiness. The moment he remembered this he found himself closing the application dedicated to selling shares and buying. However, the urge to make quick money never let him be in peace.

Bajaj’s share price has increased it will further increase says his mind. It urges him to Purchase the share immediately, but before he can make a decision his Intelligence comes to the playground. It asks questions of him. How much do you know about the share market, what do you know about the company, what is the face value, why they are repurchasing the shares, The cost per share, what is in value percentage and volume percentage etc? On the other hand, his mind is telling him that prices will increase every second and it may cross your affordability and try to create the urge to purchase immediately.

The aspiring Investor finally falls into the hands of his mind just as any other aspiring Investor and purchases the shares before they cross his affordability level. For the rest of the day, he is happy by enjoying the news of the increase in Bajaj’s share prices. The next morning he rushes up to his phone to check the price of the shares to his dismay the price is not growing nor falling it has stagnated. His mind forced him to purchase escapes so that it could escape from his tantrums. When his intelligence comes to the rescue he expresses his frustration about it, his intelligence warns that it is not going to help him if he continues his tantrums.

Bajaj's share price

Finally, he apologises for his intelligence it asks then several key questions regarding the Bajaj’s share Price

  1. what is the Face value of the share?
  2. What is the buyback price?
  3. How many shares the company is buying back?
  4. What percentage in volume, value and paid-up equity share capital?
  5. what is the proportion of Investment holding among different entities?
  6. How has the market reacted to this the Bajaj stock especially?
  7. What is the Percentage of Premium?

Oh wait let me check the answers to these questions says the aspiring Investor, after a few minutes he says

Bajaj’s share price Details

  1. The face value is 10 rupees
  2. The buyback price is 10,000 rupees per share
  3. The company is going to repurchase 40 lakh shares
  4. 1.44, and 16.63 are the volume, and value of shares and 14.49% is the paid-up equity share capital
  5. promoters of the company have 54.94% of the shareholding, the public has 21.18% shareholding, foreign investors and mutual funds have 15 and 8.47% of the shareholding.
  6. The Bajaj stock has reacted positively to the announcement
  7. The percentage of Premium is 30

This is how you should have analysed the metrics before Investing. Now tell is there anything to analyse now you have to tell. The aspiring Investor says you have to tell me. The Intelligence replies in a firm tone ‘No’. The Aspiring Investor gets to know that his Intelligence is not going to budge and he begins checking for the details.

After researching he asks,

  1. What did the veteran Investor Devan Choksey’s opinion on Bajaj’s share price rise?
  2. Did the company re-purchase shares before this, If yes when and how much?

The mind replies

  1. The Former Investor reacted positively to the announcement
  2. In July 2022 the company bought back 2500 crore worth of shares at rupees 4600 per share.

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1. How many shares is the company to repurchase and what is the worth of it?

The company is planning to buyback 40 lakh shares and the worth is 4000 crores

2. How much does the company pay for one share to purchase 40 lakh shares?

The company has announced that it will pay 10,000 per share.

3. Which unit of Bajaj is repurchasing the shares?

The two and three-wheeler unit of Bajaj has announced the re-purchasing of shares.

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