Bill Gates Visits Maa Mangla Basti Temple in Bhubaneswar

Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates visits Maa Mangla Basti Temple in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Gates arrived in the Odisha capital on the night of February 28th.

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Bill Gates has been an inspiration for Ashutosh. He follows him on every social media platform and reads his blog, which is ‘Gate Notes’. A few days ago, one of his blogs made him excited. Gates wrote that he would visit Odisha. There were several places that he mentioned in the blog he wrote on February 25.

On this morning, February 28, his friend Abhay calls him and says, Hey, come to Maa Mangla Basti Temple. I just saw Bill Gates here. Ashutosh reaches the location after a while.

Ashutosh After reaching the location: Where is he?

Abhay: He just left.

Ashutosh disappointingly says, “Oh! Bad luck; it was a good chance to meet him. Have you shaken hands with him?”

Abhay: No way; there were police and security.

Ashutosh: Were you aware of Bill Gates visiting?

Abhay: No, I wasn’t. I accidentally saw him.

Ashutosh: I have read about his visit but didn’t know that he would visit Maa Mangla Basti Temple.

Abhay: I think he will visit some other places as well.

Ashutush: He will visit a low-income community where the government has been running a programme since 2018 to help women get skilled and fulfil government construction contracts. So far, this programme, as per Bill Gates’ blog, has helped 22,000 groups of women deliver on more than 52,000 projects, including building roads, drains, and toilets.

Abhay: Are these the only two places he is visiting?

Ashutosh: Of course not. There were several other places that he would attend. For example, one program is on the use of artificial intelligence by farmers. and the ‘Jaga Mission’, which is the scheme for the development of slums, and the ‘Mukta’, a scheme that localised employment opportunities for the urban poor.

Abhay: I am confused. Why is he visiting these places?

Ashutosh: Oh, I forgot to tell you this. Since 2017, the Odisha government’s Department of Agriculture and Farmer Empowerment, as well as the Fisheries and Animal Resource Department, have been working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates will meet Chief Minister Odisha Naveen Patnaik and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He will discuss with the Prime Minister how their foundation can further support our country.

Abhay: Now I have it.

Ashutosh: Did you know he also admired our country?

Abhay: No, what did he say?

Ashutosh: I don’t know exactly what he wrote. Wait, I am opening his blog to check out what he wrote. So, he wrote, “India’s greatest gift is its ability to innovate. This country has a long history of important breakthroughs. (Mathematicians in ancient India are widely credited with introducing the decimal system for numbers.) More recently, India has made advances that are saving and improving millions of lives in India and around the world.”

Abhay: It feels proud when people like Bill Gates admire our country, doesn’t it?

Ashutosh: Yes, and

Abhay: Read

Ashutosh: “The Gates Foundation has been a partner in some of these efforts, and I’m visiting this week to learn about how we can continue working with India to help its ideas and inventions reach everyone who needs them, no matter where they live. This will be a main topic when I meet with Prime Minister Modi this week.

Ashutosh: Yes, let’s go home and see the news about Bill Gates’s visit. Let’s go, says Abhay.

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1. Where did Bill Gates visit in Bhubaneswar, Odisha?

Bill Gates visited the Maa Mangla Basti Temple in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, as part of his visit to the region.

2. What other places did Bill Gates visit in Odisha?

He will attend a programme on artificial intelligence in farming, the ‘Jaga Mission’ for slum development, and the ‘Mukta’ scheme for urban employment.

3. What is the significance of Bill Gates’ visit to Odisha?

His visit highlights his foundation’s collaboration with the Odisha government since 2017, aiming to empower farmers and improve agricultural practices.

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