BJP’s MP from Hisar Brijendra Singh has joined the Congress.

Brijendra Singh, a leader and former union minister, joined the BJP in 2019 after quitting the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Brijendra Singh

A few days ago, we received the news that Padmaja Venugopal, the daughter of the former Kerala CM, is set to join the BJP, which was good news for the BJP. In the first week of this month, we got the news that BJP President JP NADDA RESIGNS AS RAJYA SABHA MEMBER, which made people confused. And now, news is coming that Hisar MP Brijendra Singh has resigned from the BJP and joined the Congress.

Which once again makes the temperature hot at Ahmedabad’s BJP office. Vaibhav (a volunteer for the BJP), Prakash, and Santosh (two senior members of the party) are discussing it.

Vaibhav: We are only a week away from the general election, and there is bad news for the BJP from Haryana: Hisar MP Brijendra Singh resigned and joined the Congress party.

Prakash: Yeah, I just got the news.

Vaibhav: But why did he leave the BJP and join Congress? I mean, as I remember, he won the Haisar parliamentary seat in 2019, right?

Santosh: Yes, he contested and won the Hisar parliamentary seat in the 2019 election. Brijendra Singh is the son of Birender Singh, a leader and former union minister who joined the BJP in 2019 after quitting the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). BJP are ready to announce candidates for 10 Lok Sabha seats in Haryana and there were indications that BJP might not give him a ticket for the Hisar seat

Prakash: Yes, and there was uncertainty about Brijendra Singh’s future in the BJP. Also, some incidents, like the Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lala Khattar criticizing Brijendra’s father and the BJP’s alliancing with the Janayak Janta Party (JJP), could be the reason behind his decision.

Vaibhav: What is the matter with the BJP-JJP alliance?

Santosh: Birender Singh does not like that the BJP is teaming up with JJP. And about this, he has been speaking out against this alliance in public. He also criticized the top leaders of the JJP. At the same time, the JJP is gaining support in the areas where Birender Singh is standing.

Vaibhav: So, this is the reason behind Brijendra Singh’s resignation?

Prakash: Brijendra Singh has told the reporter that the BJP and JJP alliance is one of the main reasons behind his joining the Congress.

Santosh: But this whole matter is not surprising. Nowadays, it’s a trend for politicians to change their party if their current party does not give them a ticket. And Brijendra Singh announced in his rally last October that if the BJP continues its alliance with the JJP, then he will part ways.

Vaibhav: So what about his father now? Will he remain in the BJP?

Prakash: As per reports, Birender Singh will likely join the Congress. He left the Congress in 2024 and joined the BJP. In return, the BJP gave him a Rajya Sabha seat. but when his son, Brijendra Singh, won the Lok Sabha seat from Hisar, he resigned in 2020.

Santosh: In other words, this will be Birender Singh’s homecoming.

Vaibhav: Will it impact the BJP?

Prakash: He has huge popularity among the Jat voters and was three times a cabinet minister in the Haryana government. He won 5 assembly elections in JIND. But some experts say Brijendra Singh’s exit won’t impact the party.

Vaibahav: Hmm. Let’s see what happens.

Prakash: We will soon hear the news of his father joining the Congress.

Santosh: Yes, general elections are coming. Get ready to hear this type of news.

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1. Why did Brijendra Singh resign from the BJP and join the Congress?

Brijendra Singh cited dissatisfaction with the BJP’s alliance with the JJP in Haryana as one of the main reasons for his decision.

2. Will Birender Singh, Brijendra Singh’s father, also join the Congress?

Reports suggest that Birender Singh, who left the Congress in 2014 to join the BJP, is likely to join the Congress soon.

3. What impact will Brijendra Singh’s exit have on the BJP?

While Brijendra Singh is popular among Jat voters and has been a cabinet minister in Haryana, some experts believe his exit may not significantly impact the BJP’s prospects in the upcoming elections.

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