Brij Bhushan aide Sanjay Singh is the new WFI chief: Women wrestlers in tears

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The cat-and-mouse game has ended. Just as expected, the cat has finally won, and, the mouse has fallen for its predator. This was the situation for the women wrestlers when Sanjay Singh, an aide to Brij Bhushan, was elected as the WFI (Wrestling Federation of India) Chief. It all began in January of this year. When women wrestlers protested against the former WFI chief, accusing him of sexual harassment and molestation,. This news hits the ears of the new wrestlers. They do realize that they are caught in a position where they can’t move either forward or backwards. The new women’s wrestling team is in a desperate situation.

Women Wrestler 1: What should we do now?

Women Wrestler 2: stay wherever you are

Women Wrestler 1: Years of struggle to enter into the international arena will go in vain

Women Wrestler 2: No, It won’t go in vain as we are already receiving salaries so it’s not wasted. We are just stopping at jackfruit instead of aiming for mango. Also, we have no other option.

Women Wrestler 3: Being ourselves as women, we can’t believe other women

Women Wrestler 2: Mind your tongue

Women Wrestler 3: Look at the statistics on the number of false rape cases, you will get to know what I am saying

Women Wrestler 1: Yes, this is also a point

Women Wrestler 2: Brij Bhushan is a Member of Parliament he could have influenced lawmakers, police and judiciary too.

Women Wrestler 1: Yes this is another angle

Women Wrestler 2: The point is he was found responsible for the sexual harassment, and molestation of women wrestlers by the Delhi police. Now tell me How can a person who is guilty of such charges could stand in elections?

Women Wrestler 3:  That is the reason his aide stood in the election his name is Sanjay Singh.

Women Wrestler 2: What an easy way to bypass the law. His aide will stand in the election instead of him.

Women Wrestler 1: Our laws are so weak.

Women Wrestler 2: Yes, only after the Supreme Court intervention, the Delhi police register an FIR against Brij Bhushan

Women Wrestler 1 and 3: Both at a time. Oh, I see

Women Wrestler 2: The police also said Brij Bhushan harassed women wrestlers in his residence and the office of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)

Women Wrestler 3: It seems like the investigation  has been stopped or misdirected in a way that benefits the culprit

Brij Bhushan

Women Wrestler 1: what is the Government response now?

Women Wrestler 2: an official said wrestlers should not request the government to intervene as it would lead to the suspension of the Wrestling Federation of India(WFI) from the global body. These people don’t have ears to listen to us.

Women Wrestler 3: We can’t say that. Instead we should blame the policymakers, who are responsible for updating the laws

Women Wrestler 2: Do you know how he and his son reacted after the election results were announced

Women Wrestler 1: How did they react?

Women Wrestler 2: Brij Bhushan said, “This isn’t my victory it’s the victory of the country’s wrestlers”. His son Prateek posted the  image of his father and Sanjay Singh on social media and wrote, “Dominance was there and Dominance will continue”

Women Wrestler 1: This shows they are openly threatening

Women Wrestler 2: Yes, Brij Bhushan also turned his residence into an office during his previous term, I think he will do the same again.

Women Wrestler 3: So no hopes are left for the players

Women Wrestlers 2: Lochab (the secretary of the Railway Sports and Promotion Board) said they will consider the complaints of players and work to create a suitable environment for everyone.

Women Wrestler 1: Finally, good news

Women Wrestler 2: Not yet in my opinion

Women Wrestler 3: Why do you think so?

Women Wrestler 2: The Supreme Court set aside the order of staying the elections by the Punjab and Haryana High court

Women Wrestler 3: Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana challenged their cancellation of affiliation as illegal, of course, it is a different issue, and this could have impacted the Supreme Court order.

Women Wrestler 2: A web of corrupt and power-hungry people

Other Women Wrestlers: Everything will end including the regime of Brij Bhushan

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1. Who is Brij Bhushan?

He is a member of Parliament from the Bharatiya Janata Party. He was first elected as the MP in the year 2014 currently he is serving his second term. His close aide is Sanjay Singh.

2. what is the recent Update on the issue of the WFI President?

Brij Bhushan’s son has been appointed as the new WFI chief. Wrestlers have said in response that they would resume their protest

3. What is the accusation on Brij Bhushan?

BriJ Bhushan has been accused of sexually harassing female wrestlers.

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