Case on YouTuber Elvish Yadav for Snake Venom in Rave Party.

Elvish Yadav, the Bigg Boss OTT winner, was placed under arrest on Sunday and sent to a 14-day judicial detention in connection with the snake venom-rave party issue. Mr. Yadav is being prosecuted in Noida under the Wildlife Act for allegedly coordinating the use of snake poison at rave events.

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Anchor: “Good evening, viewers. I’m your anchor, and welcome to our special segment on a growing concern gripping social media platforms and communities worldwide: snake venom addiction. Today, we delve into this alarming trend and its connection to recent controversies involving popular YouTuber Elvish Yadav.”

Anchor: “Joining me to discuss this issue is Dr. Sarah Johnson, a renowned toxicologist specializing in snake venom, and Mr. Michael Patel, a social media analyst. Thank you both for being here tonight.”

What is the case?

After being taken into custody in the snake venom-rave party case, Bigg Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav was remanded to 14 days of judicial custody on Sunday. For arranging snake venom at rave parties, Mr Yadav is facing charges under the Wildlife Act in Noida. According to police sources, the 26-year-old YouTuber has now acknowledged that he set up snake venom at rave parties after first denying any involvement with the matter.

Anchor: “Let’s start with you, Dr. Johnson. Snake venom addiction sounds like something out of a thriller novel. Can you shed some light on what exactly it entails and why it’s become a cause for concern?”

Dr Johnson: “Certainly,. Snake venom addiction is a dangerous phenomenon where individuals deliberately inject themselves with snake venom, often in pursuit of high or perceived health benefits. The venom contains potent neurotoxins and enzymes that can cause severe physiological and psychological harm. We’re seeing a rise in cases globally, primarily driven by misinformation on social media platforms glamorizing its use.”

YouTube role in Snake Venom and police report

Anchor: “Disturbing indeed. Mr. Patel, as a social media analyst, you’ve likely observed the role of influencers in spreading such trends. Could you provide some insights into how platforms like YouTube contribute to the proliferation of dangerous behaviours like snake venom addiction?”

Mr Patel: “Absolutely, influencers wield significant influence over their followers, especially impressionable young audiences. Unfortunately, some creators prioritize shock value and sensationalism over responsible content, inadvertently or intentionally promoting risky behaviours like snake venom experimentation. YouTube’s algorithm often amplifies such content, contributing to its virality and reach.”

Anchor: “Thank you for your insights. Now, turn to the recent controversy involving YouTuber Elvish Yadav. Reports suggest he’s been under fire for allegedly promoting snake venom use on his channel. Dr. Johnson, from a medical standpoint, what are the dangers associated with this kind of influence?”

Dr. Johnson: “Elvish Yadav’s purported promotion of snake venom use is deeply concerning on multiple levels. First and foremost, snake venom is a potent toxin that poses immediate health risks, including organ failure, paralysis, and even death. By glamorizing its consumption, Yadav not only endangers his impressionable followers but also perpetuates a culture of recklessness and misinformation.”

Anchor: “Mr. Patel, What’s the actual case? How do you anticipate platforms like YouTube will respond to such controversies, especially considering their role in amplifying harmful content?”

Mr. Patel: As per the police verification report, it is claimed that last year’s rave parties in Noida involved the recreational use of snake venom. Snakes are allegedly employed in Mr. Yadav’s video shoots, and he arranges snake venom for his parties.

November of last year saw the police raid a banquet facility in Noida Sector 51, where they discovered a snake smuggling ring. In the banquet hall, five people were taken into custody for distributing snake venom, four of whom were snake charmers. From them were also recovered nine snakes, including poisonous cobras.

“YouTube has faced increasing scrutiny over its content moderation policies, particularly regarding harmful or dangerous material. While the platform has made strides in combating misinformation and promoting responsible content, cases like Elvish Yadav’s underscore the ongoing challenges. We can expect YouTube to prioritize stricter enforcement measures and collaborate with experts to address this issue effectively.”

Later, a forensic examination showed that samples taken from that location had been treated with cobra and krait species venom. An NGO called People for Animals set a trap, which led to the breakthrough. A rave party is a lively dance party that centres on the young rave culture, which frequently faces legal issues due to drug use and security concerns.

Anchor: How is Elvish Yadav involved?

Mr. Patel: When questioned about the snakes in his video shooting, Mr. Yadav reportedly told the authorities that Bollywood singer Fazilpuria had arranged for them.

Five individuals detained in this case have admitted to police that they once provided snake venom to rave events that Elvish Yadav was purportedly the organizer of. Gaurav Gupta, a PFA member, informed the police that he had approached Elvish Yadav about getting snake venom as part of a ruse, leading to their arrest. The police said that Mr Gupta was given a phone number during the call and used it to get in touch with the five suspects.

Maneka Gandhi, a former Union minister, also accused Mr. Yadav of being involved in the illicit sale of snake venom and demanded that he be arrested right now.

Getting rid of snake venom addiction

Anchor: “What steps can individuals take if they or someone they know are struggling with snake venom addiction?”

Dr. Johnson: “Seeking professional help is paramount. Snake venom addiction is a complex condition that requires specialized treatment, including medical detoxification and psychological therapy. If you or someone you know is battling addiction, reach out to healthcare providers or addiction specialists immediately. Remember, there is help available, and recovery is possible.”

Addiction to snake venom is a unique type of substance abuse in which users purposefully expose themselves to venom to experience intoxicating effects. Because the venom contains neurotoxins, it can cause a variety of symptoms, including intoxication. This type of addiction, also sometimes referred to as ophidism, is uncommon in India and is incredibly risky and potentially fatal.

Snake venom can have unpredictable, sometimes fatal, and long-lasting effects. Long-term use may lead to consumers developing physical and psychological dependence. The Narcotic Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985 regulates the use and possession of narcotics, including those derived from snake venom. However, an official claims that since drugs were not discovered at the scene, the police have not used the NDPS Act against Mr. Yadav.

Final words

Anchor: “Wise advice, Dr. Johnson. Before we conclude, Mr. Patel, what lessons can we learn from cases like Elvish Yadav’s in terms of responsible social media usage?”

Mr. Patel: “Cases like Elvish Yadav’s underscore the profound influence and responsibility that social media influencers hold. Creators must prioritize authenticity, integrity, and the well-being of their audience over sensationalism or trends. Additionally, platforms and regulatory bodies must collaborate to implement robust guidelines and enforcement mechanisms to safeguard users from harmful content.”

Anchor: “Thank you both for your invaluable insights. As we’ve learned tonight, snake venom addiction is not just a distant concept but a real and growing threat in today’s digital age. We must remain vigilant, educate ourselves and others, and advocate for responsible online behaviour. This is signing off. Good night, and stay safe.”

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1. Who is Elvish Yadav?

Elvish Yadav is a Youtuber and Big Boss Ott Winner too

2. Why is Elvish Yadav prosecuted?

Mr Yadav is being prosecuted in Noida under the Wildlife Act for allegedly coordinating the use of snake poison at rave events.

3. How many days has Elvish Yadav been remanded in judicial custody?

Elvish Yadav is remanded to 14 days of judicial custody starting from Sunday.

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