Chiranjeevi awarded Padma Bhushan: How did he react:

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The list of Padma awardees for 2024 was announced on January 25, and Chiranjeevi is one of them. He will be honoured with Padma Vibhushan.

A cool breeze and the sun are about to set, and a down-to-earth man is sitting in his garden with his family and sipping tea, not in real life but in real life too. A conversation begins among them about Republic Day celebrations, How the programme is held, why it is celebrated on January 26, the History of Republic Day, etc. One person in their family said the awards are also announced on that day but receive less attention due to Republic Day celebrations But gain momentum after the celebration ends. (Let’s name him as Person B)

The other person reacts to this and says “Why do you worry about it as if your name is on the list”. (Let’s name him as Person A)

Person B: No, says in response, ” What If that person sipping tea is on the list”?

Person A: Yes there are high chances

Others: He has already received many awards it doesn’t excite him any more

Person B: what if he gets the highest civilian honour award than what he got earlier

Others: How you both are ridiculing Chiranjeevi without thinking twice

Person A and Person B: For us, he is just a family member (laughs heavily)

Elder member: the whole house is occupied by your Noise

Let’s name Chiranjeevi as ‘C’

C:(speaks finally) Why are you people creating a mess about my awards

Night sets in

C: I am going to sleep

others do get home to sleep

The sun rises and enters the house hitting the eyes of those who are still in bed, providing energy for those exercising, cooking etc, An elder member of the house picks up the newspaper and looks into it

Elder Person: It seems like, chiranjeevi photo is in the newspaper

Person A: It seems like he wants to continue the joke

Person B: One person yesterday night spoke about “noise ” (Pointing out Indirectly to an elderly person)

Elder Person: I am serious

A five-year-old runs and grabs the newspaper

Kid: Yes, it is our ‘C’


C: Runs and grabs the newspaper and keeps quiet after looking at his photo in the newspaper

A: Oh my god our words came true (Looking at B)

B: Then let’s make the video ‘c’ Get ready

‘C’ doesn’t react

B: Chiranjeevi (c) Get ready (In a loud voice)

‘C’ comes out of shock and gets ready

C sits in front of the camera and starts speaking

C: I do thank my well-wishers and fans for their support. “After Hearing the news I am speechless”

others behind the camera signal ‘c’ to speak more

C: “I am overwhelmed, humbled, and grateful. It is only the unconditional love of the audience, my friends, my blood brothers, and my sisters. I owe this life and moment to you. I have always tried to express my gratitude in the ways I can. But, nothing can be ever enough. On-screen, in the last 45 years of my career, I have tried to entertain you with the best of my abilities. I tried to help the needy by taking part in relevant social and humanity causes,”

others behind the camera with PM Modi’s photo, signals to thank PM Modi

C:  “I have done so little. Yet, you have given me such recognition and honour. I always remain indebted to you for your love and support. At this moment of pride, I would like to thank the government of India and our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji for bestowing on me Padma Vibhushan. Thank you. Jai Hind.”

others cut the camera and shouted you spoke very well, Person A and Person B’s Voices were louder than the others

Elder Person: How many of you remember what the other awards chiranjeevi got, news Papers remember better than us

Person A and Person B get into a competition to learn that, others do Join them

Everyone at a time starts saying in a hurry tone

Everyone: In 2006 he was awarded Padma Bhushan and…..

Chiranjeevi: Nobody remembers this is my second award (laughs)

Elder Person: At least do you remember his films

Everyone at a time

Everyone: Rudra Veena, Swayam Qureshi, Shankar dada MBBS, Tagore gang leader, etc

Elder person: Newspapers remember all the movies, you people remember only famous movies

Person A: Leave all those, If he were to ask me about his charity, I can tell instantly

others: Tell

Person A: In 1998 Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust and chiranjeevi Blood and Eye banks

Kid: He is listening from his phone

others chase him

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1. Which are the awards chiranjeevi has received and what are those?

Earlier he was awarded Padma Bhushan (Third highest civilian honour award) and now he has been awarded Padma Vibhushan (Second highest civilian honour award)

2. When and where was he born?

He was born on 22 August 1955 in Mogulturu a village in the west Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh

3. When was he awarded Padma Bhushan?

He was awarded Padma Bhushan in the year 2006

4. What are the best movies of Chiranjeevi?

Gang Leader, Indra, Shankar dada MBBS, Gharna Mogudu are few of his movies

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