Unbelievable, Indore is the cleanest city in India: For the 7th time

The cleanest city in India

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This is the 7th year that Indore has won the title “cleanest city in India”. How did the city achieve this? asks the reporter to the Mayor. The Mayor says one must understand the criteria of ranking before getting into our strategies also one must remember that in 2016, when the rankings were started we got 25th rank. This shows we were not too far from achieving the target. There are two criteria: citizen feedback and field assessment. for eg: considering a commercial street, shopkeepers or customers will be questioned on the cleanliness of the roads, number of workers, frequent cleaning, etc

cleanest city in india

Reporter: Are there: only two criteria to get the tag of the cleanest city in India?

Mayor: There are many sub-divisions in it

Reporter: Ok

Mayor: waste segregation, wet waste conversion into manure, fines for not obeying the orders etc.

Reporter: What about waste collection?

Mayor: How waste is collected and its frequency is asked of house owners

Reporter: Does this Ranking take the account the sanitation workers’ conditions?

Mayor: Yes, there is a section that takes into account the support for sanitation workers. Moreover, any good initiatives will include worker conditions The cleanest city in India is also one such initiative.

Reporter: What are the initial steps you took to reach here?

Mayor: New rules in waste collection and sanitation system and educating the rules to the public

Reporter: Then?

Mayor: Nagar Nigam took responsibility for the waste management. The corporation workers were strict; they were not collecting the waste if it wasn’t separated. The routes of the waste disposal vehicles were changed in a manner that there were separate vehicles for dry and wet waste collection and the public was educated on the importance of handing over the waste to the municipal workers.

Reporter: There are a lot of steps

Mayor: This is one part of the steps we took to get the tag cleanest city in India.

Reporter: Did you face any problems in this journey towards the cleanest city in India?

Mayor: The ragpickers lost their jobs when we installed dustbins for every 500 meters the cost of this was 2.3 crore. To solve unemployment, Indore Municipal Corporation hired 1000 garbage collectors and placed them in “safari mitras”. These people were responsible for collecting and transporting waste.

Reporter: How do you classify the waste?

Mayor: The waste is classified into wet waste, plastic waste, non-plastic waste, domestic waste, Hazardous waste, sanitary waste and Electronic waste. There are separate vehicles for collecting and transporting waste which come with individual compartments for each type of waste. For EG: separate compartments for E-waste and sanitary waste.

Reporter: what about the disposal of waste?

Mayor: There were almost 13 lakh tonnes of waste in a dumping ground; it was treated in six months Also, 75% of waste needs to be treated at the dumping ground. There were ten stations where plants were built for treating waste before dumping it in the ground, the cost of each plant was four crore.

Reporter: How did you arrange the funds?

Mayor: The funds were taken from Smart City Mission and Indore Municipal Corporation property tax coffers

Reporter: solution for open defecation?

Mayor: The number of Public toilets was increased. In slum areas, community toilets were built after researching the necessity. Nearby railway lines also community toilets were built.

Reporter: No matter, how perfect this system is, there will be offenders How did you tackle them?

Mayor: Initially we issued fines that didn’t work, so we started putting up the banners of the offenders around the city. This forced the offenders to follow the rules, as they felt it shaming.

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1. In which year did Indore get the tag of the cleanest city in India for the first time?

In 2018, it got the tag for the first time

2. In which years did Indore get the tag of the cleanest city in India?

From 2018 to 2024, Indore is getting the tag, that is for seven years continuously

3. who was the mayor of Indore City in 2018?

From 2015 to 2022 Malini Laxman Singh Kaur was the mayor of Indore. During her tenure, she got out of her vehicle personally to fine the offenders.

4. what was the price of the fines imposed for breaking rules?

From 250 to 500 were imposed for breaking the rules, and most of the offences were littering.

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