COVID cases rising in India: Soaring 328 cases in just 24 hours

COVID cases rising in India: Soaring 328 cases in just 24 hours

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COVID-19 cases are rising again.

A brick-and-mortar store owner closes his clothing shop after a brisk business day. He then remembers how two straight years of COVID-19 affected his business. During the pandemic, businesses shifted online as people preferred it due to the fear of getting infected. Government regulations further complicated the situation. He starts walking into the house and hears the cartoon channel noise. He then asks them to switch to news channels. As he gets refreshed, he begins to listen to the news. Somewhere amid the anchor words, he hears a word. He immediately hopes he has been mistaken and walks towards the hall. He blinks his eyes with hope, but only to know that COVID-19 cases are rising again.

Do the symptoms associated with the JN.1 COVID variant pose a risk to life?

Hopelessness is now visible on his face as his source of income is affected. He hopes for a miracle, only to realize nothing much happens. His mind then shifts further, hoping there would be no lockdown, or at least his city and state wouldn’t be affected. He could make a quick buck, so he need not worry about money for the rest of his life. Within a few minutes, he gets buried in his thoughts, meanwhile, his wife initiates a conversation.

Wife: What are you thinking about?
Husband: Look at the news; even you will start worrying
Wife: Is it?
Husband: Yes, for sure
Wife: Watches the news for a few minutes, turns to Husband, and stares
Husband: Why are you staring at me?
Wife: The COVID cases are just 328 all over the country
Husband: Aren’t cases increasing? On top of that, it’s a new variant; can’t you listen properly?


Wife: Can’t you listen properly to the health ministry’s words?
Husband: What?
Wife: The health ministry said  not to panic as the mutation is due to evolution
Husband: Look at the number of COVID cases detected in just 24 hours
Wife: Look at what the WHO (World Health Organization) said
Husband: What did they say?
Wife: “jn.1” is a variant of interest in COVID-19. This poses a threat to a public health emergency
Husband: They will say whatever they want

He then begins to listen to the news closely and knows Kerala reported 254 cases, Tamil Nadu 15 cases, and Karnataka 13 cases. Before his mind can jump into the ocean of thoughts, he hears the anchor say, “16 states and union territories haven’t reported any cases.”. Positivity appears in his mind, only to vanish again as he hears Kerala has 2606 COVID cases out of 2997 in the country.

His thoughts take over again

People with co-morbidities have died; what if even others die?
Even if it’s not severe, what about the costs of the treatment?
It has already spread to other countries. What if the whole world gets locked down again?
How to run the family without income and with expenses

How much of my savings is left?
What if I die?
The whole world is locked down
What would my family do if I died?

He then hears a loud noise and finally comes to his senses. Realizing everything was out of “fear,” though cases are rising, doesn’t have a higher impact on health, says his wife. Further, he realizes it was her voice that forced him to come to his senses. The family goes to sleep.

The next day husband begins his day with the newspaper. He read that COVID-19 active cases increased in ten states. He then hopes his state isn’t on the list and looks at the lists: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

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1. What is the name of the new covid variant?

The name of the new covid variant is JN.1

2. Which state has recorded the highest number of cases?

The state of Kerala has recorded the highest number of cases, It has recorded 2606 cases whereas the total cases of the country itself are 2997.

3. What did the health ministry say about the new variant?

He requested the public not to panic as the mutation was due to evaluation.

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