CUET UG 2024 Exams are announced. All details are here.

CUET UG 2024 registration opens on February 27 and closes on March 31. (The Previous date was March 26 which has now been extended) The exam will be held from May 15 to May 31, 2024. The admit card for the exam can be downloaded in the second week of May.

It was a typical evening when two friends, Jay and Ajay, found themselves engrossed in a
conversation about the upcoming CUET UG 2024 registration. While Jay seemed oblivious to
In the process, Ajay, always the meticulous one, took it upon himself to enlighten his friend on the
intricacies of applying for the exam.

As they settled into their conversation, Ajay started by emphasizing the significance of the
Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for undergraduate admissions. “You know, Jay,
CUET has become a game-changer for undergraduate admissions in various central

Jay: “Why bother with all these details? Can’t I just fill out a form and be done with it?”
Ajay: “It’s not that simple, Jay. The registration process for CUET UG 2024 is online, and you need to be aware of the steps involved to avoid any last-minute hassles.” With a sceptical look, Jay leaned back, prompting Ajay to delve into the details.
First, you need to visit the official website. That’s where all the action happens.”
Jay: “Why not just Google it when the time comes?”
Ajay: “Because timing is crucial, Jay! The registration window may not be open

Jay: What’s the exact duration of the exam?

Ajay: The NTA reports that registration for the CUET UG 2024 will open soon, and the exam will be held from May 15 to May 31, 2024. Candidates can apply online in the meantime at the official website. For the academic year 2024–2025, all Central Universities will use the CUET (UG)–2024 as their entrance exam for undergraduate admission.

Jay: Could you please explain it step-by-step?
Ajay: Yes, I will, “Once you’re on the website, look for the CUET UG 2024
registration link. It should be prominently displayed. Click on it.”
Jay: “Why can’t they make it simpler?”
Ajay: “Patience, my friend,’ “After clicking the link, you’ll need to create an account. This involves providing your basic details, an email address, and a secure password. Ensure the password is strongβ€”not like ‘password123’ nonsense.”

Jay: What about the payment? Is it expensive?” Ajay: “A registration fee is required, but given the opportunities CUET can open for you, it’s a minimal outlay of funds. You can pay online using various modes, so it’s convenient.”
Jay: ok! What’s the procedure after a payment?

Ajay: “After the payment, you’ll have to upload some essential documents. This could include your photograph, signature, and other documents as specified in the guidelines. Ensure everything is clear and legible.”
Jay: “What’s next? Are we done?”
Ajay: “Not quite!” “Before you hit submit, review your application thoroughly. Check for any errors or omissions. Once you’re sure, submit it. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your application details. Keep that safe; you might need it later.”

Jay: “Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad. But what if I
forget to do all this on time?”
Ajay: “That’s why we’re talking about this now. The registration window has specific dates, and you need to act during that period. Missing it would mean waiting for the next year.”
Realization dawned on Jay, “So, it’s like a limited-time offer. Got it.”

Jay: ‘Is it offline mode or online mode? The exam will be conducted by NTA.”

Ajay: According to top authorities, the exam length is anticipated to be decreased, and the NTA is investigating a hybrid mode that combines computer-based testing with OMR sheets. Numerous pupils had expressed worries that their exam results would be “unfairly” impacted by the normalization of scores. “The NTA is investigating the feasibility of holding large-scale OMR registration exams. This will enable us to select a sizable number of schools to serve as test sites. According to PTI, UGC chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said, “This will ensure that the students will get a centre within their town or city and do not have to travel to faraway places.”

As opposed to the previous two years, he stated, “the CUET-UG can be conducted in a shorter duration by adopting the pen-and-paper mode for subjects with a large registration and a test administered by a computer for papers having a lower register.” Additionally, he said, “The hybrid mode ensures that geographical limitations do not impede the students’ educational opportunities by promoting equal opportunities for all.”

The CUET-UG is expected to have moderately challenging questions that aim to give students a balanced challenge while also ensuring fairness and manageability. Students can choose the exam place of their choice thanks to this modification. The CUET-UG is reorganizing, and as a result, students can only take a maximum of six papers.

Jay: Thank you so much, buddy. You gave me all the information I needed about CUET-UG.

Ajay: My duty is to provide the right information.

Jay: Thank you so much. It’s too late; we should leave now, and we will meet tomorrow.

As their conversation concluded, Jay felt more informed, and Ajay was satisfied with the
impact of his friendly guidance.

The CUET PG 2024 registration was no longer mystifying
process for Jay, and both friends went their separate ways, each with a clearer understanding
of the crucial steps involved in securing their academic future.

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1. When will the city of examination be announced?

The city of Examination will be announced on April 30

2. Is there a minimum age requirement to compete in CUET 2024?

CUET 2024 does not have an age restriction. Candidates may apply for the exam as long as they fulfil the eligibility requirements.

4. When will the results of the CUET be declared?

The Results will be declared on June 30

5. How do I contact the CUET-UG office?

Candidates may email or call 011- 40759000 / 011- 69227700 if they are having trouble applying for CUET (UG)-2024.

6. Has the last date for the CUET-UG application filing been extended?

The last date for the application filing has been extended to March 31. The forms should be submitted within 9:50 pm of the last date.

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