Death of Democracy: 143 MP’s suspended in total Unbelievable

The weather is pleasant with breezing wind and a cloudy environment with birds chirping, but not the political parliament due to the Death of Democracy. The weather agency has further said the weather would be the same for the next 72 hours, says the old man for the neighbouring boy. What do you mean?; asks the boy.

The old man continues to say a total of 143 opposition MPs have been suspended from both houses, yesterday 2 MPs were suspended. In this situation, there is no opposition in the parliament technically though the opposition exists in both houses, with no one to debate from the opposition on the bills considered by the ruling party gets a free hand to pass as per its wishes. This ensures the death of democracy as said by the Opposition Leaders. He stops for a while and revisits the events that led to the current situation in his mind.

Boy: Tensions are escalating between the opposition and the ruling party, am I right?
Old Man: Yes, But the source of tensions lies in the demand of the opposition parties.
Boy: What is that?
Old Man: You have to tell me because I told you the other day
Boy: I think……Statement by Home Minister Amit Shah on the security lapse
Old Man: Yes, It seems like you have low memory power
Boy: Nothing Like that, Please continue
Old Man: House Proceedings are completely disrupted; Ruling and Opposition parties start a blame game responsible for the security breach on December 13. It ultimately resulted in the Death Of Democracy.

Boy: I heard about mimicry.
Old Man: Yes, a member of the opposition teased Mr Dhankar (Vice president) he then questioned the silence of the opposition leader on the issue
Boy: So, Everyone is hiding their mistakes
Old Man: Do not be a sympathiser of the ruling party; look at the larger picture

Death of Democracy

Boy: The opposition carried placards inside the House despite warnings, insulted the Prime Minister, President and Vice President
Old Man: But there is a larger picture than this
Boy: What? I don’t think so
Old Man: Death of Democracy due to the actions of the ruling party
Boy: What actions?
Old man: The Home Minister is not making a statement on the security lapse that occurred on December 13 despite the opposition’s pressure, the prime minister made a statement outside the parliament after four days. The opposition members have been suspended for protesting by demanding a statement.

Boy: I see
Old Man: Yes
Boy: What is the opposition saying now?
Old Man: The same demands even now sonia gandhi said never in the history of Independent India such a large number of MPs were suspended for making a lawful demand. She further asked people to imagine how the BJP would respond if they were in opposition.
Boy: So, she is stressing the people to look at how BJP is behaving?
Old Man: Yes, why is there anything wrong with it?

Boy: No, Just asking
Old Man: You are still  a school-going boy, you won’t understand all the issues that come at the cost of Death of Democracy
Boy: What are those?
Old Man: Just Mentioning it, Unemployment numbers are increasing, and prices of essentials are increasing. Only a few sets of people are becoming rich due to the current Government policies. Also what the Pro-Government media says about economic growth is far from reality because when one is making thousands of crores others are struggling for essentials is not economic development.

Boy: How?
Old Man: The wealth is increasing for a set of people, which means only a few people have money to spend. Without consumption any economy will collapse, the ruling party doesn’t realize it or pretends so
Boy: Oh, there are a lot of issues; Will this affect my future?
Old Man: If the Death of Democracy continues, it is going to be a reality

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1. What is the Demand of the Opposition?

The Opposition is demanding a statement by Home Minister Amit Shah on the Security breach of the Parliament

2. Why the opposition is saying Death of Democracy?

The opposition parties demanded a statement by Amit Shah over the security breach. However, the Ruling party suspended them on the charges of hindrance to house functioning.

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