earthquake hits Western China houses, injuring people by a magnitude of 7.1

An Earthquake hit western China with a magnitude of 7.1. Listening to the news, an old couple shivered, thinking their daughter was staying there. People were forced out of their homes after the 7.1 earthquake in western China As the tremors of the quake felt, people ran down from their homes. However, few failed to come out, which resulted in injuries to six people, four of whom were minors. Also, 47 houses collapsed and 78 houses were damaged, with few agricultural structures, as per the Information Provided by the Government of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

earthquake hits Western China houses, injuring people by a magnitude of 7.1
earthquake hits Western China houses, injuring people by a magnitude of 7.1

Shivers turned into fear and negative thoughts for the couple, who are fond of their young daughter, as she is now in an affected part of China. They want to talk to her but the disruption in electricity isn’t letting them do so, and the transportation services are cut off, which is preventing them from reaching there. Meanwhile, a family in the Uyghur Autonomous Region speaks to the Journalists and explains how the events unfolded.

Journalist: How and when did the incident happen?

Family: It happened around 2 am in our Ushi County, Aksu prefecture

Journalist: The Government is sending 200 rescuers to the region, will it be enough?

Family: Yes, since it is not a severe quake

Journalist: What has the Government done better?

Family: The Government restored the electricity within an Hour

Journalist: OK, Thanks for your cooperation

Hours Later

Railway authorities announced the safety check has been completed, rail services can be resumed. The Rails began their operations past 7 am

The old couple listening to this got to hope they quickly took tickets under the Emergency quota and started their journey to western China. They boarded one of the twenty-three trains that were stopped due to a quake, the Urumqi rail board also announced the precautions that needed to be taken care of.

The old couple are a bit relaxed the old man begins watching the latest updates on the earthquake. The old man gets to know that the US Geological Survey has said that the quake measured 7.0 magnitude and originated from the Titan Shah mountain range. He remembers the 1978 quake of magnitude 7.1 which stuck place which is 200 kilometres north of the recent quake origin, back then he was a young man who engaged in relief work voluntarily.

Western China

Another old man begins a conversation with him let’s name him Old Man 2

Old Man 2: Where are you from?

Old Man: Northern China

Old Man: You?

Old Man 2: Yunnan Province, Southwestern China

Old Man: I heard something happened in Yunnan province

Old Man 2: A Landslide hit a village called Liangshui, forty-seven people and eighteen homes got buried. The death toll is Twenty as Twenty bodies are recovered and two people were rescued. The authorities are Predicting a rise in the Death toll.
Old Man 2: The earthquake was so strong that people in Tacheng 600 Kilometers away from the epicentre also felt it

Old Man: Which Place?

Old Man 2: Tacheng in Western China

Old Man 2: A 30-year-old who runs a pet business said her dogs barked before the quake occurred and her neighbours ran out of the apartment, however, she was sitting and crying in the bathroom.

Old Man: What is her name? (In a feared tone)

Old Man 2: I think, why are you worrying about it leave it

Old Man: Just tell me

Old Man 2: OK, Ma Shengyi is her name

Old Man: She is my daughter

Old Man 2: Oh Ok

Old Man: No, The worst has happened Both the husband and wife start crying

Old Man 2: No, The apartment did not collapse, people in the buildings were sent out. The media office shook for a minute, reported the Xinhua news agency of western China. The worst did not happen

Old Man: Oh I see

Old Man 2: The tremors were felt in Almaty too, several people left their homes in shorts when the temperature was at freezing point, There are videos regarding it in the Telegram app.

Old Man: ………….(Doesn’t reply)

Old Man 2: Earthquakes are common in parts of China that share a border with Nepal, and Kazakhstan. The Xingjiang region in Tibet also comes under this list

Old Man’s (Wife): Yes, it is common until one of their family members dies

Old Man 2: What do you mean?

Old Man’s (wife): The earthquake that struck Gansu in western China killed 151 people in December, one among the dead was our relative.

Old Man: Oh, I see

Old Man’s (wife): Even now, we are not able to come out of it

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1. When and where did the Earthquake take place?

The Earthquake hit the western Xinjiang region with a magnitude of 7.0 at 2.09 AM

2. How did the Government of China respond to this?

The Chinese Government sent 200 rescuers to the region

3. What was the largest quake in the region in the previous century, and what was its point?

An Earthquake struck in 1978 with a magnitude of 7.1, The point of the quake was 200 kilometers north of the current quake

4. What are the casualties?

The casualties in Yunnan, a province in southwestern China, reported Twenty deaths. Reports in other parts are yet to be released.

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