Ed Sheeran Dances to ‘Butta Bomma’ and Strikes SRK’s Pose

Ed Sheeran is back in India, enjoying time with Bollywood stars and singers. He danced to “Butta Bomma” and struck Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic pose with Armaan Malik.

 Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has come to India again, for his concert in Mumbai on March 16. Vijay, a big fan of Ed Sheeran, is eager to attend his concert. And his sister, Rima, asks him about his excitement, unaware of this.

Vijay: I am surprised that you were not aware that Ed Sheeran is in India.

Rima: There is nothing to be surprised by. I am not a big fan of English music, and I also do not follow these celebrities to know when and where their next concert is.

Dance Video with Armaan Malik

Vijay: Open Instagram, and you will find his dance videos everywhere; they’re going viral.

Rima: What dance video?

Vijay: Where he is dancing with Indian singer Armaan Malik.

Rima: With Arman Malik?

Vijay: Yeah, he partied with a lot of Bollywood stars and singers last night. I have seen a video shared by Armaan Malik on his Instagram where Armaan teaches Ed some dance moves on the superhit Telugu song Butta Bomma. Armaan captioned his post, “Favorite person in my city @teddysphotos.”

Rima: Really?

Vijay: Yes, he also did Shah Rukh Khan’s signature step, which was an arms-wide open stance. He also met your favourite actor.

Partying with Bollywood Stars

Rima: who? Ayushman Khurana?

Vijay: Yes, on Tuesday, Ayushmann Khurana posted an image with him and wrote:

“I have admired Ed Sheeran as an artist for years now. As a fellow musician, I have always wanted to connect with him and discuss how his mind works. I surprised him with my mother’s homemade pinni! This is how we have always welcomed anyone to our home. Ed is in India, our country, to entertain us. He is at our home, and we need to tell him how much we love him and his music too. So, I hope this gift will be a memorable one!”.

Ayushmann also gave him some of his mother’s homemade sweets, pinnis, to try.

Rima: Now this makes me curious and excited about Ed Sheeran and his concert. Tell me more about him, What else has he done in Mumbai?

Vijay: Ed Sheeran visited a school in Mumbai and sang songs for the students.

Rima: This is his second time in India, right?

Vijay: Yes, he came to India in 2017.

Ed Sheeran’s Concert Details

Rima: Where is his concert in Mumbai?

Vijay: He is going to perform in Dharavi.

Rima: Are you going to attend the concert?

Vijay: Yes, of course, and you know, Prateek Khuad will give the opening performance for the concert. Do you want to join me for the concert?

Rima: Yes, I will ask my friends if they want to join me.

Vijay: You can book your tickets on BookMyShow, which is also the organizer of the concert.

Rima: OK, I am calling my friends.

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1. When is Ed Sheeran’s concert in Mumbai?

Ed Sheeran’s concert is scheduled for March 16th, 2024, and will be held in Dharavi, Mumbai.

2. Has Ed Sheeran visited India before?

This isn’t Ed Sheeran’s first visit to India. He has visited India before, he previously visited in 2017.

3. Who will be the opening performer for Ed Sheeran’s concert?

Prateek Kuhad, a popular singer-songwriter known for his soulful music, will be the opening performer for Ed Sheeran’s concert in Mumbai.

4. Where can tickets for Ed Sheeran’s concert be booked?

Tickets for the concert in Mumbai can be booked on BookMyShow, which is also the organizer of the concert.

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