Floods in Tamil Nadu 2023: Life in Agony

Floods in Tamil Nadu 2023: Life in Agony

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Floods in Tamil Nadu” Red alert issued by IMD(Indian Meteorological Department) reads a TV anchor. A Middle-aged man listening to this gets worried because he is responsible for his family’s safety and a guard to his financial assets. Meanwhile, his son wakes up in a frustrated mood about going to school as he walks into the hall, he hears a prediction of Extremely Heavy rainfall followed by a holiday for schools and colleges.

As the news anchor read out the names of districts, his eyeballs stuck to the TV screen. He jumped on the floor as if he reached the stars as he heard the name of his Home Town “Thoothukudi”. Little did he know that his joy was to be turned into a nightmare, and his family began preparations by shifting important items on the terrace. They made all the necessary arrangements to live on the terrace for a few days. The family is hopeful of overcoming this situation.

As the rains increase. So, do they worry about “How to survive tomorrow?”. The increase in water levels finally forced them out of their home. Later his father begins a conversation to change the mood of the family members but little did their conversation begin it eventually ends up on the topic of “Floods in Tamil Nadu”.

After a dangerous journey, they reach an area where the family can be safe. It’s a Government-run relief camp. (Hours passed by) it is time for bed says the mother. The father is unable to think of anything except the anchor words “Floods in Tamil Nadu are extremely dangerous as per the IMD”. The family sleeps with the help of the bedsheets provided by the Government-run relief centres though it is not comfortable they soon fall asleep as the dangerous journey has made them vulnerable to even the slightest suffering. The next morning the kid asks for milk, and in turn, the mother gives the milk by mixing milk powder with drinking water.

Kid: This is not nice; I don’t want this, she says as she sips the milk
Mother: This is the only milk available look at other kids they are drinking, (she says by pointing to other kids who were forced out of their home)
Kid: No
Mother: You have to drink it, there is no other way
Kid: Gulps the milk in one go as the empty stomach demands it

Floods in Tamil Nadu

Father: Get me the newspaper
Kid: ok
Father: Flips the newspaper only to find Floods in Tamil Nadu as a Headline. He closes the newspaper as he loses the mood to read it.

A person from the group: Ten people have died due to electrocution, wall collapse, floods etc.
Another person: 26 buffaloes, 297 goats,110 calves and 29500 chickens
have also died
Father: I would request you to keep quiet. I am tired of this flood news

Hours later, it is time for breakfast the relief camp offers them Idli with chutney all the people have good food. People could hear kids refusing to eat and demanding noodles. As the hours pass more problems emerge. The officers in charge of the relief centre announced several rules to be followed. Those are

  1. Do not take a Bath because there is a water shortage
  2. Store Drinking water due to supply crunches
  3. Do not waste food
  4. Medicines should be handled with extra care
  5. Use Electricity as per your needs
  6. We are not responsible for your belongings

The state disaster response force announced all these measures in response to Floods in Tamil Nadu

The kids ask the mother when they will be able to go back home again. The elderly are discussing no such things happened when they were young. Middle-aged men and young boys think about the financial cost of their livelihoods due to the flood, and women are busy consoling children. In this environment, officers announce only rice is available for lunch, and sambar will be available only for dinner. Meanwhile, IMD announced the rainfall to continue at this pace for the next three days. Someone’s kid in the group reads the text loudly Floods in Tamil Nadu as ‘F’, ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘O’, ‘D’ without knowing the consequences.

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1. Which are those districts affected by floods in Tamil Nadu?

Floods in Tamilnadu

Thoothukudi, Thiruelvel, Tenkasi and Kanyakumari are the districts affected by the floods

2. How many people died initially during floods?

Ten people died due to electrocution, wall collapse etc

3. What is the step taken by the centre for a long-term solution?

An urban flood mitigation project worth 562 crores has been sanctioned, the fund is sourced from the National Disaster Response Fund

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