HDFC Bank stock updates: who purchased stock price Revealed

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In the third quarter of the year, 13F’s recent report filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings revealed that Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings bought 58,262 shares of HDFC bank. The young man started writing down the data as he heard and continued to write the rest of the details. His home is filled with relatives who have come to celebrate the festival. Few among them enquire about his activity from his mother, and few assure his mother that his son would succeed in his goals.

One of his relatives a ten-year-old boy asks him what he is doing and he replies by noting down points for stock analysis.

Boy: What do you mean by that?

Young Man: Just read, I will write it down (Without replying to the boy’s question)

Boy: ok

hdfc bank

Boy: The Sumitomo Mitsui Trust owns 1,005,001 shares of the bank stock which is 0.05% of the entire Bank’s stock. The worth of these stocks is $59,305,000

Young man: Next, do not stop

Boy: Brown Shipley Co-operative Limited purchased 4,435 shares during the second quarter now the company owns 4,783 shares of bank stock which is worth $26000. Carry Street Partners Investment Authority (Limited liability company) has purchased 215 shares of HDFC Bank and now owns 403 shares of the bank’s stock. The worth of the stocks is $28000. Resurgent Financial Services Advisors Limited Liability Company purchased stocks in the fourth quarter, worth of the stocks it owns is $40,000.

fin trust Capital Advisors (Limited liability company) purchased 185 shares and currently owns 683 shares, which has a value of $41000. Park Place Corporation Limited purchased 398 shares and now owns 867 shares in the third quarter, the price of the stocks is $51000. Also, 17% of HDFC bank stocks are held by institutional investors and hedge funds.

Young Man: Excellent work, you were steady in reading and also highlighted the numbers very well.

Boy: What is this

Young Man: It’s about earning money through stocks

Boy: Oh, I see

Young Man: Now read the section on “Price performance”

  • Boy: the share price of HDFC bank – $65.58
  • Market value: $121.97 billion
  • Price to earnings ratio: 20.18
  • P/E/G: 1.50
  • current ratio: 0.51
  • Equity ratio: 0.51
  • debt to equity ratio: 1.79
  • 1-year low: $55.95
  • 1-year high: $71.76

Young Man: Now tell me about Wall Street analysis

Boy: Stock News gave the tag “hold” for the stock, and Goldman Sachs gave a higher rating for HDFC bank increasing from “buy” to “conviction buy”, The street cut HDFC bank from stock rating from ‘B’ to ‘C’

Young man: What is the business of the HDFC bank?

Boy: The bank provides services in divisions: wholesale Banking, Retail Banking and Treasury services. It offers services in India and Middle Eastern countries. It offers products like home loans, Fixed deposits, safe deposit lockers, Mutual funds, car loans, offshore accounts etc.

Young Man: Good

Boy: How do you do stock analysis

Young Man: see here if the P/E ratio is higher, then you have to check book value.

A few minutes Later

Young Man: The Analysis I did is confusing me, Get out of here

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1. What is the Market capitalization of HDFC Bank?

The Market Capitalization of the bank is 11.80 lakh crore in INR. In $142 billion

2. What are the 1-year high stock price of the Bank and 1-year-low?

one-year high is 4649.4 and one-year low is 5963 INR

3. While investing in the stock market can we take the suggestions of other Investors?

SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) has warned Investors from getting suggestions from other non-registered individuals or organizations

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