Indian Army Day on January 15: Theme, History and Significance

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Every day on January 15 Indian Army Day is celebrated, says a father to his Daughter. Who is keen on learning every Important detail of the country and its history. The kid asks why on this day and several other questions on it. It is a new day every day as the kid learns new things every day. In the other case, the father is in his 30s and has no excitement about these things. However, she is excited about teaching all these things to his son. She was also one such excited kid two decades back but not any more, the curious kid without wasting time asks her father.

Indian Army Day on January 15

Kid: What is the duty of the Indian army on the Indian army day?

Father: The duty of the Indian army is not on this day only but 24/7, 365 days a year. The Army is responsible for protecting the borders of the country from the enemy if circumstances expect they should even sacrifice their lives.

Kid: Sacrificing lives means won’t they come home?

Father: No, never

Kid: You don’t go to the army

Father: ask all the questions I have little time

Kid: From when is it celebrated? What is the History of Indian Army Day?

By looking at the notebook where she has written questions

Father: On January 15 1949 field marshall K.M. Carippa took over the power as the first commander-in-chief of the Indian army from General Francis Butcher. To remember this day has been marked as the day of the Indian army

Kid: Where the Indian Army Day will be celebrated and why in a particular place?

Father: Today will be celebrated in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, the location was chosen for two reasons for the city’s rich military heritage and to allow many people to view it by shifting it to the outside of the National Capital Region Delhi

The kid switches on the TV and asks

Kid: Who is that standing separately by saluting for everyone (by looking at the TV asks the kid)

Father: He is General Manoj Pandey the commander-in-chief of the Indian army at present

Indian Army day

By looking at the book, she asks

kid: What is the theme and motto of the Indian Army?

Father: The theme of the year 2024 is “In service of the Nation” In service of the nation. This theme is selected to show the dedication of the army towards the country and its people also it aligns with the motto of the army, which is “service before nation”.

Kid: What is the significance of the Indian Army day

Father: The other name is “Bhartiya sena diwas”. The importance of this day is to highlight the sacrifices made by the brave men to protect the country from their enemies. Educate the citizens of the country, also to motivate them to join the army.

Kid: what is the History of the Indian Army?

Father: The Indian Army was established on April 1 1895 by the British government initially it was known as the Royal Indian Army.

kid: What are the important quotes of the Indian Army Day?

Father: It is the Indian army, you must know what to use where anywhere you will get to know as you reach higher grades

Father: There are no important quotes but there are quotes “We fight to win and win with a knockout because there are no runners-up in war” -General JJ Singh

Looking at the note

Kid: There are no questions here after this

Father: That’s it you are supposed to know for today

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1. What is the theme of the Indian Army 2024?

The theme of the Indian Army 2024 is “In service of the nation”

2. Where was the Indian Army Day celebrated every year?

This day was celebrated every year in the Cariappa Parade Ground of Delhi Cantonment.

3. Why this year a new place is selected for celebration and where is it?

This year’s celebration is in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) for two reasons. The city’s rich military history and to make sure many people get to know about the contribution of the Indian Army.

4. What are the quotes of the Indian army?

There are many quotes; the quote I love is “No real change in history has ever been achieved by discussions” said Subash Chandra Bose.

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