Indian Coast Guard Day: All details here

Indian Coast Guard Day: All details here

On February 1 of Every year, Indian Coast Guard Day is observed. Indian Coast Guard Day 2024 is the 48th raising day as of 1 February 2024

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Indian coast guard day 2024

The waves of the Indian Ocean are roaring as usual. However, there is activity taking place on the shores unlike a normal day where people litter here and there; it’s a cleanliness activity that has been going on for the observation of Indian Coast Guard Day. Various teams are working here a team for cleanliness, installation banners, creating seating and toilet facilities, preparation for the events by participants etc.

Amid this, there is a group of students who are responsible for participation in various competitions, among them is a class 6 boy who is supposed to give a speech on the occasion of Indian Coast Guard Day 2024. He has prepared but is not prepared to defeat his stage fear, he is sweating, his heartbeat is increasing, he is breathing heavily and the moment of his turn finally arrives.

He felt like a mere second he did; not know when the programmes started and when his turn came, he stepped onto the stage with his shivering legs and started speaking with the help of his shivering tongue.

He starts speaking “Good Morning Everyone presents here and introduces himself”, He then starts giving his speech on why the Indian Coast Guard Day 2024 is observed

Why is Indian Coast Guard Day observed?
This day is observed to honour the Indian navy which is responsible for protecting the country’s water from enemies countries, terrorists, and criminals. The Navy is also responsible for checking whether there is a threat to national security, saving fishermen, acting swiftly in rescue missions etc.”

The boy lifts his head expecting negative reactions from his teachers and audience only to see there are no reactions from the audience side. He bends down his head and continues

History of Indian coast Guard day

“Our navy is the world’s fourth-largest navy it has 158 ships. Our late Prime Minister Morarji Desai launched the Indian Coast Guard on 19 August 1978, which was passed by the parliament on 18 August 1978. The Indian Coast Guard was started on February 1 1977 its mission was to prevent the smuggling of goods which was affecting the national economy. This is the reason for observing Indian Coast Guard Day 2024 on February 1.”

The boy lifts his head to see the audience’s reaction, he feels a bit relaxed to see no negative reaction even now. He bends again and continues

The responsibilities of the Indian Coast Guard

  • securing maritime borders from enemy countries, terrorists
  • Preventing illegal activities such as drugs, human trafficking, and sales of illegal goods
  • Assisting Fisherman in case of emergencies
  • Rescuing tourists who have fallen into the sea accidentally
  • Working with Police for crime-related issues such as collecting evidence, preventing crimes etc.

The boy then boldly says:

Let us know a few quotes on Indian Coast Guard, on the occasion of Indian Coast Guard Day 2024

  1. Our men and women in uniform are a force for good throughout the world, and that is nothing to apologise for.
  2. The men and women of the Coast Guard stand watch over our nation’s shores, safeguarding lives and property, and protecting the sea lanes that are so critical to our economy.
  3. We do this job because every once in a while someone is out there without hope, desperately praying for their life, and we get to be the answer

The boy then concludes the speech on the Indian Coast Guard Day 2024 and walks away happily

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1. Why is Indian Coast Guard Day observed on February 1?

The Indian Coast Guard Day was launched on February 1 1977 this is the reason it is observed on this day.

2. Who launched the Indian Coast Guard?

Our late Prime Minister Morarji Desai launched the Indian Cost Guard Day officially on 19 August 1978. This Indian coast Guard day 2024 is the 48th Indian coast Guard day.

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