ISIS claims responsibility for twin blasts in Iran: Latest

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“ISIS claims responsibility for twin blasts in Iran”. The crowd at their office reacted in a surprising way to the state news channel announcement during their Lunch Break because Everyone suspected the USA and Israel. Discussions began among co-workers about why the Islamic State has turned against Iran. Several people flagged their opinions; people said that the USA is funding the Islamic State, Israel may have funded it, and ISIS may have done it.

A young man among the group Whoever is behind it, I have one question in my mind. What is it? asks the Middle-aged man. How come ISIS gets the knowledge to overcome the country’s Intelligence services not only here but in the whole world? These things are forbidden which means you should not speak. Though it is banned, people know facts that the world is not run by politicians but by corporations, of course, nobody knows much about this even if they know they won’t speak. The young man then says this is happening in the case of Drugs, Illegal product manufacture, and crimes isn’t it?

Middle-aged man: How come?

Young Man: Just as Anti-terrorism squads for ISIS. Law enforcement agencies are for drug businesses and illegal product manufacturers yet there is no end to it.

Middle-aged man: Everyone wants to make money in all possible ways. This is the reason for all these

Young Man: No, If it is everyone then there is no need for Police because all are criminals

Middle-aged Man: I did not mean technically

Young man: You have to be specific

Middle-aged man: This is the problem with your generation, arguing for everything.

Young man: You people think in a particular way that’s why

Middle-aged man: Have you forgotten what we were speaking?

Young Man: No, I do remember it about ISIS claiming responsibility for the attacks

Middle-aged man: Don’t you think money is the sole reason for everything?

Young man: of course, money is the reason, the lack of fear of Justice is the first reason

Middle-aged man: No money is the only reason

Young man: No, If you take this incident as an example, money is not the first reason. If money is their priority they have other ways of hacking, abducting important people for a ransom, selling arms, drugs etc.

Middle-aged man: Then what?

Young man: Creating fear if you look at things from the perspective of ISIS, you will understand.

ISIS claims responsibility for deadliest attack in Iran
ISIS Members Displaying Flag

Middle-aged man: How?

Young Man: After the first bomb blast, people wanted to leave the place when the second bomb exploded it was a complete mess. Investigation has revealed the bombs had been detonated by a remote-controlled device.

Middle-aged man: so it is just to create fear

Young Man: Yes I can even give it by writing

Middle-aged man: But, who wants to create fear

Young Man: The Government Of the USA

Middle-aged man: Oh, I see but why?

Young man: The people were there for the anniversary of Qassem Soleimani who was killed by a US drone for attacking US allies, also currently Iran has stood against US allies and fighting with allies of the USA with the help of proxies. Keeping in mind all these and remembering the allegations that the US government is funding ISIS can’t we come to this conclusion?

Middle-aged man: Yes, A good analysis but this can also be false

Young man: I do accept this point because International relations are quite complicated. Several things are happening behind the scenes. If our estimation is wrong in an issue it will be wrong in other issues also.

Middle-aged man: Example?

Young Man: Maybe Iran isn’t using proxies to attack Israel which means my prediction is wrong

Middle-aged man: Oh I see

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1. Who has claimed responsibility for the attack?

Islamic State in other words ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack it announced this through its affiliate telegram channels

2. When and where did the attacks take place?

The attack took place in Kerman the southern city of Iran when people gathered for the fourth anniversary of General Qasem Soleimani

3. What did Iran say after the attack?

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has promised a “Harsh response”

4. What did the USA or Israel say about the attack?

The United States has rejected the claims of Iran whether they or their allies are behind the attack.

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