January 31 International Zebra Day 2024: All you need to know

International Zebra Day 2024 is observed on January 31 every year. The day is to educate the public on the importance of contributing to the conservation of species.

International Zebra day 2024

The textbook Preparation Committee arrives that consists of people of various age groups. They are not like the school students who are very good at remembering others’ birthdays and Important days like the birth anniversary of freedom fighters etc. Their mind is filled with worries, fears, hopes, conflicts, poverty etc. There is no end to the list of what they have in their mind; of course, it is not their mistake but the responsibility that comes with their age.

The textbook preparation committees started working and realised today is International Zebra Day 2024. They are not interested in it. However, they are working on it, and one of the team members started to write, “The semi-arid regions of Kenya and Ethiopia and the hills of Angola, south Africa are their major homes around the globe.” Meanwhile, the other member of the committee begins to note down several facts about the animal

  • The animal is recognisable with its black and white stripes
  • The African Wildlife Foundation has estimated the population of Zebras has decreased by 54% from 1990 to 2020
  • There are three types of zebra Gravy zebra, mountain zebra, plains zebra
  • According to the Red List of Threatened Species, the Grevy Zebra is at risk of extinction.
  • It weighs between 400 to 850 pounds

The International Zebra Day 2024 is observed to educate the public on the conservation of zebras as the shrinking forests and expansion of Human settlements have decreased its population growth.

What conservation when forests are getting destroyed every day, says the Person to himself. He has noted down the points and leaves for a break.

The other set of the team begins to write on the significance of International Zebra Day 2024 for the textbook. Here they uncover and write “The platform of International Zebra Day is to educate the public about the methods for the conservation of species, This day is also observed to highlight the contribution of Zebras to the ecological balance and the human livelihood finally.”

One person on the committee who is responsible for documenting Interesting facts regarding the topics that should be included in the book. He notes down in a way that would be helpful for the class 3 students to learn, he wrote Few Facts on Zebra on International Zebra Day 2024 for the textbook and writes

  • Every zebra has black and white stripes under it is black skin
  • Zebras run in a zig-zag pattern when the predators chase them
  • The baby of the Zebra is called a foal
  • Zebras sleep while standing

We are preparing a textbook for school students are there any points that we have missed Ask the team leader. The team members give various suggestions out of which the team leader picks eating habits and food consumed by zebra.

The team begins uncovering and arranging for the textbook and notes down “Zebra feeds on bark, fruits, leaves and grass. In 24 hours of a day, it spends 60% on eating, in times when the food is scarce it takes 80% of the time this is due to low nutrition in food demands to increase the quantity of food it eats.

Now write the conclusion says the team leader. The member responsible writes “The International Zebra Day 2024 is observed every year on January 31, the aim of this is to educate the public on the conservation techniques, zebra contribution to ecological balance, to educate how it socializes with its species so that the conservation could work on it etc.

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1. when is the International Zebra Day 2024 observed?

It is observed on January 31st of Every year

2. Where we can find the Zebras in large numbers?

Kenya, Ethiopia, Angola, south Africa and Namibia where it is found in large numbers

3. What type of food does the Zebra eat?

It eats fruits, barks, leaves and grass

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