Kate Middleton’s Absence Sparks Internet Conspiracy Theories

On January 17, the office of the Prince and Princess of Wales announced that Kate Middleton would spend 10 to 14 days in the hospital, but it’s been two months and she has not appeared.

Kate Middleton

Who doesn’t like conspiracy theories? Indeed, almost everyone finds them intriguing. Even though most conspiracy theories rely on selective interpretations of facts, most people love to read or listen to them. And Shruti is one of them who likes conspiracies more than factual information. The recent conspiracies over Kate Middleton’s disappearance have sparked Shruti’s interest in reading conspiracy theories once again.

Before the conspiracies about Kate Middleton, Shruti had never heard her name. So she goes on the internet to learn about her and finds out that she is a member of the British royal family and the wife of Prince William of Wales; she is the Princess of Wales. This increases Shruti’s interest in the topic because she always likes types of conspiracies about the rich and royal family.

Shruti looks at her laptop screen and wonders: What had happened before her disappearance? She then starts gathering information from the internet before Kate Middleton’s disappearance. She finds out that it was December 2023 when she made her last public appearance. Since then, she has not made any public appearances.

Shruti moves forward and comes across an announcement made on January 17 by Kate Middleton Palace that says she has undergone planned abdominal surgery. Middleton was expected to return home after a 10- to 14-day hospital stay. Other information says Middleton will not be seen performing any of his royal duties until March 31, 2024. 

“So this creates mystery. He was supposed to come back within a maximum of one month, but it’s been two months and she hasn’t appeared.“. Shruti murmurs.

Now that Shruti has enough information about what has happened, she is ready to read conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton. 

She starts with a viral post from the x user “You’re telling me that Kate Middleton—the same woman who posed outside the hospital like a freaking supermodel mere hours after giving birth—suddenly requires months of recovery before showing her face? And the British press now magically respects privacy? This feels… sinister,” says the user. Shruti keeps reading conspiracies. Some conspiracies say she is in a severe coma or has serious health problems. 

Some conspiracy theories Shruti finds possibly true, while others she does not. For example, some conspiracy theories claim that people saw Kate Middleton at the horrible Willy Wonka Experience in Glasgow, which they likened to a meth lab. This enraged the parents, and now they have demanded refunds. This does not make sense to her.

But in one of X user’s posts, it says, “Kate Middleton hasn’t been seen for about 2 months now,” says the user. The user has shared a screenshot of the BBL recovery time, which takes about two to three weeks. Shruti finds it plausible

After reading all these conspiracy theories, she again starts reading factual information to declutter some conspiracy theories from her mind. She read Tuesday’s news about the statement from Prince William regarding Kate Middleton’s rumours stating “personal matter.”.

As she was digging around, she came across a recent update from Kensington Palace. They revealed that the Princess of Wales is recovering from successful abdominal surgery at home. The statement says she is doing well. Shruti reads this with suspicion. And she says, “I should wait for more updates.”.

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1. What was the reason for Kate Middleton’s hospital stay and subsequent absence from public appearances?

Kate Middleton underwent planned abdominal surgery, which was announced by Kensington Palace on January 17. She was expected to spend 10 to 14 days in the hospital and then recuperate at home.

2. Why has Kate Middleton not appeared in public despite the initial expectation of a short recovery period?

Although she was expected to return to her royal duties by March 31, 2024, she has not made any public appearances since her surgery, leading to speculation and conspiracy theories about her prolonged absence.

3. What updates have been provided about Kate Middleton’s condition and recovery?

According to a recent update from Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton is recovering from successful abdominal surgery at home and is reportedly doing well.

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