Kerala story on ZEE5 OTT, but when?

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The much-awaited movie Kerala Story is said to be released on OTT Platform ZEE5, after the official announcement people began their searches and got to know it will be released on ZEE5 This tells the audience’s eagerness to watch the movie.

Kerala story

A politician of a Particular Party listening to the news of the movie says to his PA (Personal Assistant) “Note down all the details”, tomorrow I will argue that the film is fake and try to impress the Party President”. He then prays to the god at least this time he may get a higher position in the party, he again tells his PA that he is responsible for preparing good counter-arguments against the Kerala story, “If not you will lose your job and I will make sure you don’t get any other job” says the Politician.

PA sweats while listening to the politician say he tries to convince the politician however he is in no mood to listen to him. Knowing that he needs to try at least to safeguard himself from his boss he begins noting down details. Here he learns the film is directed by Stupido Sen and is supported by Vipul Shah. Also, he learns that Adah Sharma shared the news with her fans on Instagram. He immediately looks into it and gets to know that she wrote

“FINALLY !!!!! SURPRISE !! The most anticipated film is dropping soon on ZEE5!#The Kerala Story premieres on 16th February, only on #ZEE5.” Looking at this the PA has no emotion because he is not a movie fan however he is caught by the task in the movie due to the orders of his boss.

The PA now writes down the story of the Kerala Movie, he writes “The Kerala story is about three girls namely Shalini (Adah Sharma), Nimah (Yogita Bihani), and Geetanjali (Siddhi Idnani), who are manipulated by their roommate, Asifa (Sonia Balani), into converting to a different religion. The first part of the movie tells how they fell into the trap of her roommate and the second part contains one of the converted girls suffering in Afghanistan jail. The movie also tells how the men there are manipulated to trap the women of other religions by using the words of love, it further says the incidents occurred in the year 2018 and 2019.”

The PA even now has no emotions because his personal life is filled with financial problems and Personal Problems. He Moves further and notes down what Adah Sharma said on the Kerala story OTT release she said “The courageous makers of The Kerala Story, Vipul Shah and Sudipto Sen deserve to be applauded for having put in immense hard work to bring this film to life. After the stupendous success at the box office, creating history worldwide and making it the highest-grossing female lead film of all time, we are now looking forward to the film’s release on ZEE5.

The film’s collaboration with this global platform will allow us to extend the reach of the film to a much wider audience. The audience who didn’t get a chance to watch the film in the theatre and many who watched it and want to re-watch it are waiting with bated breath. I’m thrilled I have an answer to all those who have been asking ‘Kerala story OTT pe kab aaegi?’.”

The PA now hears the politician’s voice “Have you made a good speech otherwise I will finish your life”. The PA to Himself: whatever it may be poor people like me have to suffer. He then noted down the words of Vipul Amruthlal on the OTT release, in which he said

“After the tremendous success at the box office, we have been receiving thousands of emails asking when will The Kerala Story come on OTT. So, the wait is finally over and here it is. The Kerela Story is going to premiere on ZEE5 and it’s going to be an amazing experience to sit in your house and watch the film there are so many moments where you want to rewind and rewatch or watch the film repeatedly And now you have got all the options to enjoy this film as many times as you want with your entire family.

This is a very important film for the entire family to see together. So I hope that every family watches it together and learns from what we are trying to show in the film”.

The PA is now tired because he has never been a fan of movies nor has he watched them, but continues with his little energy. He further gets lost in his tiredness realizing he needs to note down the words of Director Sudipto Sen. However he notes down the director’s words: “Tackling such a sensitive topic and translating it into a film is no small feat; it’s a challenge we willingly embraced.

However, every filmmaker wants an assurance about his work and The Kerala Story’s box office performance was my assurance and gratification to continue to have faith in myself. But for those who haven’t watched the film yet, I urge them to watch The Kerala Story on ZEE5 for a transformational experience.

Many are living in the dark about the reality of the situation and for those, this film will lift that darkness and show them the naked truth as the stories in the film are real. The faces in the film are real. The fates and consequences of the characters in the film are real. The Kerala Story is a unique cinematic experience for the viewers of the film. And that is what made this film an “unprecedented blockbuster” as per BO Pandits”.

The PA wants to take a break but he can’t he again hears the voice of the politician, immediately he looks at what next knowing only the controversial part is left he breathes a sigh of relief and writes “The number of girls converted according to the movie are 32000, however many people argued about the authenticity of the number, it raised the eyebrows of the people when its trailer got released however it has been a successful movie at the box office”

The PA again becomes weary realising he has just noted down the details but the speech part is yet to be started.

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1. When and on which OTT platform the Kerala Movie will be released?

The movie will be released on February 16 on the OTT platform ZEE5

2. why is the movie controversial?

The Kerala story movie alleges 32000 girls were converted from one religion to another religion in the state of Kerala, however, the number is not backed by any credible sources.

3. How did the movie perform at the box office?

The movie performed well at the box office, it collected 242.20 crore in total

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