Maharana Pratap’s death anniversary 427’th: An era of bravery

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Today is the 427th Maharana Pratap’s death anniversary, announces the elder of a Royal family to their children, who are curious enough to listen to her words. From early morning till now the house has been filled with people, decorations, food new items, stories and photos of Maharana Pratap. The arrangements have been made to honour him on his death and birth anniversary who is known for his bravery during his reign.

Children: Who is Maharana Pratap?

Maharana Pratap
Maharana Pratap

Elder person: He was born in 1540 to Udai Singh 2 of Mewar and Jaiwant Bai. After the death of his father he took over the throne as Maharana Pratap of Mewar at the age of 32 in 1572 he had younger sisters and younger brothers. Jagmal sibling wanted to take over the throne he vowed to take revenge and went to Ajmer and joined hands with Akbar. In 1597 Maharana Pratap died in an accident while hunting up to that day and now on January 19 of every year, Maharana Pratap’s death anniversary is remembered.

Children: When did he die?

Elderly person: He died on 19 January 1597 at the age of 56

Children: Tell us more stories about him

Elder Person: when the point of who should assign the throne after the death of Udai Singh 2, the prominent people chose Maharana Pratap because he displayed his bravery even before he took over the throne. From that day to this day he is known for his bravery of course today on the day of Maharana Pratap’s death anniversary we remember him for the same reason.

Children: When did he display his bravery with whom did he fight, like we fight

Elder Person: It is not like you people fight, it is fighting for the country. He became popular for his brave fighting in the battle of Haldighati. Tell battle of?

Maharana Pratap's death anniversary

Children: Battle of Haldighati.

Elder Person: It was an important battle for the kingdom on the day of Maharana Pratap’s Death anniversary. The battle, and strength displayed are remembered.

Children: How did they fight like this? Even I can fight

Elder Person: Quiet, in the battle of Haldighati Mewar kingdom had 10,000 troops they were outnumbered several times despite this they fought and lost Maharana Pratap nor any important commanders were caught they all escaped due to this it is also sometimes known as the defeat of Mughals.

Children: oh…..

Elder Person: Yes, not only did he escape he came back the next day to fight again his horse ‘chetak’ was loyal to him it helped him escape even after getting Injuiry to its leg. All these incidents have been passed from Generation to Generation you have to remember everything and tell your children about Maharana Pratap’s Death anniversary of his birth anniversary.

Children: Ok

Elder Person: After this battle, Mansingh invaded and captured Gogunda and stopped there. Later Akbar invaded with his troops and captured Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh. After this Akbar ordered Shahbaz Khan Meboob in which he captured central Mewar and Mandalgarh etc.

children: Oh he lost

Elder Person: No, the rebellions in other parts of Mughal-occupied areas forced the Mughals to divert their attention, this gave an advantage to Mewar and they captured one after the other by the time of his death the Mewar kingdom captured much of the lost territories however he failed in capturing his capital city.

Children: Again he did it

Elder person: At the time of his death he told his son not to compromise with the Mughals in future. His son Amar Singh 1 then took the throne. Maharana Pratap’s Death anniversary is remembered even to this day in Rajasthan.

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FAQ on Maharana Pratap’s Death anniversary

1. Who is Maharana Pratap?

Maharana Pratap is the thirteenth Rana of Mewar who took over the power at the age of 32 after his father’s death Udai Singh 2. He was born on 9 May 1540 to Udai Singh 2 and Jaiwnata Bai

2. Maharana Pratap is known for?

He is known for his bravery in fighting against the Mughals despite defeats. The battle of Haldighati is a well-known example

3. When did Maharana Pratap die and how?

He died on 19 January 1597 during a hunting accident. This day is known as Maharana Pratap’s death anniversary

4. who is chetak?

chetak is a horse that is loyal to Mahrana Pratap

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