ML Khattar’s resignation; What’s occurring in Haryana in light of BJP-JJP division?

The news was made the day after BJP president J. P. Nadda and JJP leader Dushyant Chautala met to talk about the two allies’ seat sharing in the state.

[A cosy living room, where two friends, Rohit and Priya, sit with a cup of tea discussing the recent political developments in Haryana.]

Rohit: Priya, have you heard the news about Manohar Lal Khattar’s (ML Khattar) resignation in Haryana? It seems like there’s a lot of political turmoil going on.

Priya: Oh, Rohit, yes, I did! It’s quite surprising. I mean, ML Khattar has been the Chief Minister for quite some time now. What prompted his resignation?

Rohit: Well, it seems like there’s a significant development within the BJP-JJP alliance. The alliance has hit a rough patch, leading to ML Khattar’s resignation. It’s a big deal considering they had a stable coalition in Haryana for a while.

Priya: That’s unexpected. What exactly happened between the BJP and the JJP? They were working together just fine during the last elections.

Rohit: Yes, they were, but lately, there have been differences over various issues, ranging from governance to policy decisions. The breaking point seems to have been the disagreement over the handling of the farmers’ protest and the controversial farm laws.

According to media sources, the seasoned leader might run from Karnal in the Lok Sabha elections. The news was made the day after BJP president J. P. Nadda and JJP leader Dushyant Chautala met to talk about the two allies’ seat sharing in the state. Disagreements about seat sharing for the 2018 Lok Sabha polls have long cast doubt on the viability of the BJP-JJP alliance. So that’s why ML Khattar resigned as Chief Minister.

Priya: Ah, the farm laws have been a hot topic of discussion nationwide. So, how is this affecting the political landscape in Haryana?

Rohit: It’s causing quite a stir, Priya. With ML Khattar’s resignation, there’s speculation about what’s next for Haryana. The BJP and JJP are now standing on separate grounds, and it raises questions about the stability of the government.

Priya: Do you think there will be a new Chief Minister after ML Khattar? And what about the alliance? Is it officially over?

Rohit: Well, the BJP is yet to announce a new Chief Minister for Haryana, but it’s clear that the alliance with JJP is strained. The dynamics are changing, and it remains to be seen whether they can reconcile or if we’ll witness a significant political realignment in the state.

Conflict regarding seat-sharing

The Jananayk Janata Party (JJP), led by Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, hardened its stance on seat-sharing after Hisar BJP MP Brijendra Singh joined the Congress on March 10. The BJP now holds all ten of the Lok Sabha seats.

The JJP reportedly desired to run for two seats. However, the BJP wants to run for all 10 of Haryana’s Lok Sabha seats; hence, it is against sharing seats with the JJP. The JJP coordination committee has already conducted two rounds of discussions in this regard.

Priya: It’s interesting how political alliances can shift so quickly. What about the impact on governance and policies in Haryana?

Rohit: That’s a valid concern. The instability caused by the split could potentially impact the decision-making process and delay crucial policy implementations. Haryana needs a stable government to address various issues, especially considering the ongoing challenges like the farmers’ protest and economic recovery post-pandemic.

Priya: True. I hope the political leaders prioritize the welfare of the people amidst these changes. What are the people in Haryana saying about all this? Will ML Khattar run for the Lok Sabha seat from Karnal?

Rohit: Well, there’s a mix of opinions. Some people are expressing concern over the potential impact on governance, while others see it as an opportunity for a fresh start. Social media is buzzing with discussions, and the public seems to be closely watching how the political drama unfolds.

Sanjay Bhatia is the incumbent in the Karnal Lok Sabha constituency; the BJP is expected to field ML Khattar in his place. Additionally, there are rumours that the previous chief minister from Kurukshetra will be nominated. Currently serving as the Kurukshetra MP is Nayab Singh Saini.

Examining the 2019 Assembly’s outcome: The BJP has 41 MLAs, the Congress has 30, and the JJP has 10 in the 90-member Haryana assembly. There is one MLA from the Hindu National Lok Dal (HLP) and seven from the Independents.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured all ten seats in Haryana in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. However, the JJP secured 10 seats in the state assembly that same year. As the BJP failed to secure the necessary six votes to establish a government, the JJP allied with them.

Priya: It’s a reminder of how interconnected politics and people are. Let’s hope for the best for the residents of Haryana. Do you think this will have any repercussions on a national level?

Rohit: It’s hard to say at this point, Priya. Haryana is just one state, but any significant political development can send ripples across the national political landscape. It depends on how the major political parties and leaders respond to the situation.

Priya: Well, Rohit, thanks for breaking it down. It’s always fascinating to see how politics evolves. Let’s keep an eye on the news and see how things unfold in Haryana.

Rohit: Absolutely, Priya. Politics is like a roller coaster ride; you never know what twists and turns are coming next.

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1. What made ML Khattar resign?

Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana, resigned from his position on Tuesday amid rumours of a breakup between the state’s BJP and JJP. This happened before the next Lok Sabha elections.

2. Which is the current ruling party in Haryana?

The BJP-JJP alliance was the ruling party in Haryana. Now the BJP is trying to take complete control of Haryana through a Floor test, which is going to happen on March 13.

3. How many Loksabha seats will participate in JJP?

Amid speculations of a rift between the Dushyant Chautala-led party and the BJP, the Jannayak Janta Party (JJP) declared it would contest all 10 Lok Sabha seats and 90 assembly constituencies in Haryana.

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