Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu : what is his fate?

Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu : what is his fate?

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The Major opposition party of the Maldives, the Maldives Democratic Party, Democrats are planning to submit a motion to impeach Pro-china President Mohammed Muizzu

The winds are smooth in the Maldives ocean unlike the ocean roars and the country is calm. However, the parliament of the country is not it is filled with a brawl between major parties of the country. The Progressive Party of Maldives, People National Congress is in a brawl with the Maldives Democratic Party and Democrats after the Maldives Democratic Party and Democrats decided to withhold the approval of ministers appointed by Mohammed Muizzu.

Things got heated up further when the Maldives Democratic Party MP also the leader of the Parliamentary group Ahmed Saleem said any attempts to remove the President would be blocked. He further continued and said “We will not allow them any opportunities to go ahead with this. They will have to kill us all first before they can even think of removing the President from office,” this statement
raised the eyebrows of the world.

Thousands of kilometres away from the Maldives a Chinese Man is heard saying India is behind this. He further says the cabinet ministers are appointed by President Mohammed Muizzu who in turn is appointed by the Maldives people but India is stopping them with their pawns called Maldives Democratic party and Democrats he alleges.

After the withholding of approval by the MDP and Democrats. The MPs from PPM/PNC protested about this now they have come up with Impeachment alleges another man. Meanwhile, a writer of the Chinese communist party official newspaper writes India has asked the MDP and Democrats to pass an impeachment motion against Mohammed Muizzu this is the reason everyone in the party agreed to the decision. He further alleges that India is not a Mother of Democracy the tag is just for the namesake as they are very good at ousting a candidate elected by the people.

He continues and writes that several leaders in the MDP have voted against the party decision and MP MP Ahmed Thoriq said “The results of the last presidential election made it evident that events in the country do not align with the wishes of MDP.” “Even after this statement, the MDP has continued its movie this shows the pressure is coming from somewhere else”, writes the writer of an affiliated Newspaper.

Mohammed Muizzu

Meanwhile, a news anchor says MP Ahmed Thoriq claimed that MDP will not succeed in its efforts to remove Mohammed Muizzu as they require 53 votes minimum which is impossible because their members themselves would not approve such a vote. India continues to Pressure Maldives MDP and Democrats to impeach Muizzu because “he has asked the Indian Military to be removed from the Island within March 15 which was severely opposed by the ruling BJP in India”, alleges the anchor further.

Thoriq has also made a statement saying Maldivan people have given him power to oust the Indian Military which was disliked by the Indian counterparts alleging the Chinese anchor on the CCP-affiliated television channel. She also says the move comes just after relaxing the rules for the president’s impeachment and is now followed by a no-confidence motion against Speaker Mohamed Aslam and Deputy Speaker Ahmed Saleem. All this is the strategy of India to throw democratically elected candidates out and fulfil their agenda she concludes.

A man in China going to work on a train says to his co-passenger after reading the news

  • The MDP is trying to block the vote of the opposition on the 22-member cabinet appointed by Mohammed Muizzu
  • Also, the three posts of housing, attorney general and Islamic affairs post are opposed by MDP
  • without giving reasons for opposition
  • However, President Mohammed Muizzu said he had reappointed them

What all this tells you, don’t you think India is behind these events? The other man nods in response

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1. What is happening in Maldives?

The Maldives Democratic Party wants the President to be impeached over his decision to appoint pro-China candidates as cabinet members.

2. Who is Mohammed Muizzu?

It is alleged that President Mohammed Muizzu is a pro-China candidate who won the elections in September.

3. When the Parliamentary elections are held in Maldives?

The Parliamentary elections will be held in mid-March and the presidential elections will conclude in September.

4. Which Political Party wants the Muizzu to be removed?

The coalition of Maldives Democratic Party and Democrats want the President to be removed, who is currently the ruling party. On the other hand, Muizzu comes from the People’s National Congress, this has led to alterations including Physical blows.

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