Money is an illusion: Value is Real

Money is an illusion: Value is Real

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Money is an illusion

The Previous lesson that Bheema received on Emotional Decisions has made, wonders in his financial life, but the next lesson ‘Money is an illusion’ needs to be received by him. Now Bheema has enough amount to start a new Business, checking the amount of money he has and what type of Business meets the Budget requirements. He Zeroed in on “Electronics Recycling”. The natural behaviours of human beings will always haunt them; most people do not realize until it is too late that the only solution is to control the behaviours only a few people like Ram succeed in it. People like Bheema take time.

Bheema meets various people who are running electrical recycling Businesses in various places, he reads and listens to a lot of information. After spending several months in research Bheema gets to know that he doesn’t have any competitors in business because no one else in his city is running the Business. He gets very excited after learning this slowly his emotions especially greed take over him. He sets up the business and makes his first revenue after this he cheats on his customers, suppliers, employees etc, which shouldn’t be done at all.

After several months he sees his Business downfall and debtors knocking on his door later police arrest him for not paying his debt, and Ram gets to know this through his contacts. He rushes to the prison while on the way he realizes that the next lesson that Bheema needs to learn is ‘Money is an illusion’. As he entered the cell he told him things would rebound as it fell.

Bheema: Every time You tell me after I suffer not before

Ram: Didn’t I tell you, no one would be able to learn everything in one go?

Bheema: You will tell whatever you want, now want you want to tell?

Ram: Money is an illusion this is the next lesson

Bheema: Have you gone mad

Ram: No, tell me how did you behave with customers once your Business picked up

Bheema: Do not tell anyone about the products that were not fit for recycling I sold them by saying it’s been recycled also I gave back a lot of faulty products to suppliers saying I don’t want this and I took thrice money from the customers. Do you know how much money I made out of it?

Ram: keep quiet, first get rid of all these things

Bheema: This is the only way to make money

Ram: Then how did I make money

Bheema: Stop it, I don’t want to listen

Ram: OK shall I leave

Bheema: wait, rescue me from here

Ram: I will, The first point of any successful business is creating value, if you focus only on money then you will see the true face of money which is ‘money is an illusion’. In simple terms, you won’t be able to earn money and eventually, you will lose Everything.

Bheema: This is complicated stuff, I am not able to understand it is just like your lesson.

Ram: What lesson?

Bheema: Money is an illusion as if you don’t know

Ram: In our city, you were the only one who was running an electric recycling business, however in other cities many people are running business.

Money is an illusion

Bheema: so what?

Ram: Have you ever thought about how could I differentiate myself from my competitors

Bheema: What are you saying?

Ram: In other words, you have to provide free transportation, you should speak only the truth, and you should sell the products as per their budget maybe you can ask what is your budget. and sell accordingly

Bheema: if I do this when will I become rich

Ram: slowly, you will be rich

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1. Why do Experts say Money is an Illusion?

Only by providing value we make money. We do not make money without providing value that is why experts say money is an illusion.

2. What is the emotion that we all need to get rid of?

Greed is the emotion that we need to get rid of as this forces us to make quick money through unethical ways this would lead to our downfall

3. Why do we need to provide free things?

We should provide free services like shipping, and offering products on a budget. However, we should not misuse any of these services by overcharging them else; it will become counterproductive.

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