National Safety Day 2024: Theme, History and Importance

Every year, on March 4th, National Safety Day is celebrated to raise awareness about safety in health, traffic, and workplaces, encouraging safety measures to prevent accidents.

National Safety Day

While walking on the road speaking with his friend Hiten during their tuition break, Anmol stops to see a banner for National Safety Day 2024, which has the tagline ” “Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence.”

Anmol points his finger at the banner and says, “Hey, look at that banner.”.

Hiten: Yeah, I saw this last night. It’s about National Safety Day 2024. It comes every year on March 4.

Anmol: March 4? Today is March 4, so today is National Safety Day.

Hiten: Yes, it is today.

Anmol: Do you know anything about National Safety Day?

Hiten: Not much, but my sister told me that there is a public function about National Safety Day 2024 close to our house.

Anmol: when?

Hiten: I think it should be mentioned in the banner. Let’s get closer to it.

They both read information about the time and location of the function, which is within walking distance.

Anmol: it’s about to start. I want to attend it. you?

Hiten: Of course. We have a 2-hour break; let’s go.

Both enter the hall and take a seat. There are almost 50 people, as clueless as Hiten and Anmol.

Nina comes and starts her speech with a greeting.

Good afternoon, everyone, she says. As you all know, today is National Safety Day 2024. Many of you might have questions about this day, Why is this day celebrated? What is the history behind it? What is significant about this day? I hope you get answers to all these questions through a speech.

Anmol and Hiten share gestures of excitement.

Nina: Safety isn’t just about following rules; it’s about creating a culture where everyone prioritises safety. To achieve this idea, in 1972, the National Safety Council (NSC) of India started the practice of observing national safety all over India. Initially, this day was proposed by the Ministry of Labour and Employment as they felt the need for some safety councils at the national and state levels. The purpose may seem very simple, but it is very important: to encourage safety measures.

National Safety Day is significant because it draws attention to the most important thing, safety, in different realms. For example, Health safety, traffic safety, workplace safety, etc.

National Safety Day is celebrated through educational activities like seminars, essay competitions, and campaigns where people learn how to take safety precautions and prevent accidents. When people become aware of these measures and safety rules, they follow them in their daily lives. And when people collectively practice this responsibly, it results in positive cultural change.

Nina continues: the theme for National Safety Day 2024 is “Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence,” which puts leadership at the forefront, as they always play a critical role in creating a safety-focused culture within organizations. It draws special attention to the connection between environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and safety practices. It shows how intertwined these things are. When safety is a priority, organizations not only protect their employees but also play a vital role in sustainable development and responsible business practices.

Nina pauses for a while and says, On this National Safety Day, let’s all give our contribution to this important day and work towards a safer and healthier future for us and those around us. Now it’s time to honour those who made significant contributions to encourage safety.

Everyone claps energetically. Some arrangements are made on the stage. In the midst of this, Anmol and Hiten speak among themselves.

Anmol: “Hey, we should share about National Safety Day 2024 in our lessons to encourage everyone.”.

Hiten: nods (showing approval through his body language)
They remain seated, captivated, and eager to stay until the end of the function.

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1. When is National Safety Day 2024?

National Safety Day 2024 is celebrated on March 4th.

2. What is the theme for National Safety Day 2024?

The theme for National Safety Day 2024 is “Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence”.

3. Why is National Safety Day celebrated?

National Safety Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of safety in various aspects of life, such as health, traffic, and workplace safety. It aims to encourage safety measures and prevent accidents.

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