NEET PG Exam 2024: New Exam date on July 7

NEET PG Exam 2024: New Exam date on July 7

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The NEET PG Examination is scheduled for July 7 instead of March announces the NEET chairman. The clock is ticking at 10:00 AM but not for the MBBS graduate six years of work have made him into a piece of cloth, the world is busy with people moving to jobs, businesses, schools and colleges. The MBBS graduate is still in bed in the background; he hears someone shouting at him to get up he scolds them back and tells them it is dawn. Of course, it is for him but not for the rest of the world.

As the clock ticks to the right side, the noise increases after thirty minutes of a loud sound on the metal box in the room. The Graduate wakes up with fear of the NEET PG Exam. He was in a dream of a pre-pon of an Exam and the sound made him think it has become real. He wakes up in fear only to relax and get struck by fear again looking at his father.

He sees his face was filled with red paint in his eyes but that wasn’t red paint. He soon realizes what it is with no explanation from anyone. He says because you have done your graduation and taking a rest you heard the loud noise otherwise you would have felt the pain that has been felt by the metal box. He quickly rushes up to the bathroom to get fresh up. His father starts having breakfast in a relaxed mode as every Wednesday he closes his shop wherein he sells clothes for kids to adults.

As he sits in the hall, his father shouts at him to have breakfast quickly and tells him not to expect that his mother will bring food in front of him, he also says to begin NEET PG Exam preparation. He has his breakfast and resists his urge of not liking the particular breakfast that has been cooked this day due to his father’s presence. An hour later his father’s friend arrives he is now supposed to look at him, listening to him shouting he asks him.

Father’s Friend: Why are you shouting at him he has done his MBBS, many don’t even pass NEET


Father: Yes, 90% of effort in it is mine

Father’s Friend: What do you mean?

Father: He did not get cut-off marks to bag a seat in a Government college. At last, I paid a hefty amount of fees to a private college

Father’s Friend: Oh, I see

Father: Now he is not responsible for preparing for the NEET PG Exam

Father’s Friend: It has been a few days since he completed his graduation; so allow him to be on his terms.

Father: What terms ask him when is the Exam date.

Father’s friend: when is the NEET PG Exam (in a kind tone)

Son: I think it is in the march, I forgot the date

Father: Did you hear the answer, he gave

Father’s Friend: I think he hasn’t got the latest news as he woke up an hour ago.

Father: The Exam is on July 7, keep in mind

Son: Ok

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1. When is the NEET PG exam scheduled?

The Exam is scheduled for July 7. The previous date of March 3 has been cancelled.

2. What is the full form of NEET PG?

It stands for National Eligibility Entrance Test Post-Graduate

3. What is the eligibility to apply for the NEET PG Exam?

one year of internship and Provisional certificate or completion certificate of MBBS

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