Nova Agritech IPO Allotment declared: share price 57.75

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Nova Agritech IPO Allotment declared: share price 57.75

Nova Agritech IPO is listed at 55 per share now trading at 57.75 per share, higher than the issue price of 41 per share. As per the Expert’s prediction, allottees could expect shares to open between 55 to 61 per share.

Nova Agritech IPO

A car enters the bungalow that is filled with security guards in every corner the eye can see as the car reaches the front of the house the driver opens the car door a fatty man in his 50s gets out of the car looks around and abuses one of his servants. Everyone stands quietly and looks at him with a merciful face. He enters the house and his secretary holds him when he is about to fall, the fatty man abuses him too. The reason for his anger is he did not make bumper from stocks the previous time. To make sure he gets bumper, he has called an experienced Investor. However, “Nova Agritech IPO” is what he knows.

By now you have got to know whom I am talking about, a traditional politician. The politician says he is feeling minutes like hours to his secretary. Who replies, “I can understand”. To this, the politician replies by asking at what time the agent(Investor) will come, the secretary says at 2:30 and, now the time is 2:00 PM.

The politician starts walking here to there in expectation of the experienced Investor. After thirty minutes the Investor enters the house, and the secretary tells the politician the Investor has come. The politician runs to him and offers him comfort him a conversation begins between the Investor and the politician.

Investor: I will tell you about Nova Agritech IPO

Politician: Yes, go on (In a hurry tone)

Investor: The piece is going to increase for definitely

Politician: Last time I lost my money, because of another person. So this time I want to make sure I do not lose. so tell me in detail.

Investor: On NSE Nova Agritech IPO listed at 55 per share, the issue price was 41 per share. In BSE the price is 56 per share

Politician: what is that?

Investor: Explains………………….

Politician: Oh I see

Investor: The stock opened on January 23 and closed on January 25 and its size of offering was 365 shares. In it, 50% is reserved for Qualified Institutional Buyers, 15% for non-institutional investors(NII) and 35% for retail Investors

Politician: what does it mean?

Investors: Explains………..

Politician: Oh, the previous guy did not tell me these things

Investor: Nova Agritech IPO subscription status was 109.37 times on day 3, as per BSE data. Nova IPO’s retail investors were subscribed 77.12 times, Non Institutional Investors (NII) portion was subscribed 224.08 times, and Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) portion was subscribed 79.31 times.

Politician: what does it mean?

Investor: It means…………………

Politician: Ok

Investor: The Nova IPO is worth 143.81 crores it includes a fresh inflow of 112 crores an offer for sale of 7,758,620 shares of rupee 2 and a total value of 31.81 crores sold by an Individual shareholder

Politician: It’s too much tell me in simple words

Investor: sir, but you asked me through the details

Politician: Is it so, ok continue

Investor: The Nova Agritech IPO will utilize the revenue in the following form

  1. for the construction of a new formula factory of the subsidiary Nova Agri Sciences Private Limited
  2. Investment for working capital needs of Nova Agri Sciences Private Limited
  3. General businesses purpose

Politician: What does it mean?

Investor to Himself: I am getting Irritated

Investor: Explains………………

Politician: Ok

Investor: The lead managers are Keynote Financial Services Limited and Bajaj Capital Limited. whereas Bigshare Private Limited is the registrar for the Nova Agritech IPO

Politician: I did not understand

Investor: Explains…………………………………….

Politician: It’s enough

Investor: last one

Politician: ok (in a tired voice)

Investor: In grey market premium Nova ipo is trading at +13, considering the IPO price band and grey market premium, the listing price of Nova Agritech IPO is 54 per share and the IPO price was 41.

Politician: what is that

Investor: You stupid, Idiot. You don’t know anything

Politician: Kill him now

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1. What is the IPO and listing price of Nova Agritech IPO?

The listing price is 55 per share and the IPO price per share is 41

2. What is the company planning to do with money generated from Nova IPO?

The company is going to invest the money in its subsidiary Nova Agri Sciences Private Limited

3. What is GMP?

It stands for Grey Market Premium. This is an indicator that indicates how much more than the issue price the Investors are ready to pay.

4. What did the Experts say about Nova IPO?

The Experts estimated the listing between 55 to 61 and then it was listed to 55 per share which is a positive signal given by the Experts for Investors.

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