Parliament attacks in 2023 and 2001

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An old man in his 60s reads, “Parliament attack on the 22nd anniversary.” Only after a few seconds does he realise it’s a fresh Parliament attack after twenty-two years. He then travels back to the day when he was in his office sipping coffee, when one of his colleagues said eight security personnel and a gardener were dead today. His hands tremble as he remembers what his colleague said on that day: ‘It happened again’. His eyes shifted to the detailed text and read that two men jumped from the visitor’s cabin and opened the canisters, which emitted yellow smoke that was hidden in their shoes.

Parliament attack

The old man breathes a sigh of relief only to get caught by the thought of parliament attack yet again. He then engages in a conversation with his mind.

Old man: Nothing happened as I expected, God saved the country

Mind: What if the Gas was Poisonous?

Old man: What? It means a lot of parliamentarians…

Mind: Yes, that is what I am talking about

Old man: Wait, and reads again ‘Hours after the incident, speaker Om Birla announced that gas is not poisonous.”

Old man: Mind, keep quiet for a while

An Hour later

A school-going boy in the neighbourhood of the old man comes into the old man’s house and is fond of listening to stories told by the old man. whether it may be his life experience or issues of our country example parliament attack, on the other hand, the boy is very much interested in the old man’s words.

Old man: “I went twenty-two years back.” Today’s attack reminded me of the 2001 parliament attack in which eight security forces and a gardener lost their lives.

Boy: Tell me about Yesterday’s attack

Old man: Yesterday’s Parliament attack was not as horrific, as the previous one. But two people who came to the parliament as visitors jumped into the cabin from the visitor’s gallery and one of them opened a canister hidden in his shoes, which emitted yellow smoke that pushed the house into disorder. Before the other person was about to open the canister, the parliamentarians grabbed and started to beat him.

Boy: Oh, I thought our politicians were weak and old people, he laughs

Old man: Listen, In this attack, there were  four more people who were captured outside the parliament; when the security personnel arrested them, they shouted, “Bharat mata ki jai”

Boy: Who are these people? Are they from Pakistan?

Old Man: No, they are all Indians. Later, the police interrogated them, and during the interrogation, they expressed their concern about unemployment and inflation. They also said they are not related to any organization, of course, the investigation is still in progress.

Boy: Since this happened on the day of the 2001 Parliament attack, don’t you think there is more mystery in this?

Old man: Yes, but only after a more detailed investigation.


Boy: What happened later?

Old man: The Parliamentarians demanded the resignation of Mysore MP Pratap Simha because, under his recommendation, passes were given to them. Later, Biju Janata Dal MP said that though the attack did not take lives, it exposed the vulnerability of the security system of the Parliament.

Old Man: This is what happened

Boy: OK, then I will leave

The old man continues to read, “The first thought of parliamentarians is that a person has fallen accidentally but Dilip Saikia (a BJP MP) realized he had jumped intentionally when he was checking his shoes. Moments later, he saw him taking out an object—it was a canister—and spewing smoke. He then started running on the benches towards the chair.”

The old man then thinks nobody in any part of the country dares speak against a member of a political party, if these people have successfully carried out a parliament attack without any fear, then they would be backed by a powerful organization. He then walks into his bedroom and takes a nap.

This incident comes amid the threat of Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, an extremist who threatened to attack the parliament of our country on December 13.

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1. What happened in the attack on the parliament?

The parliament attack was led by six people who came as visitors and only two jumped from the visitor gallery to the cabin. One person opened a canister, which pushed the house into disorder, When the other was about to open, the parliamentarians grabbed him and started to beat him

2. What happened in the 2001 parliament attack?

Parliament attack

A vehicle entered the premises with a fake Home Minister sticker It was stopped out of doubt, then the terrorists got down and started firing. Later, all the building gates were closed. A few minutes later troops arrived a firing ensued between them, which left eight security personnel, five terrorists and a gardener dead

3. Who is behind the 2023 parliament attack?

They were all Indians; They did this to protest against unemployment, but conclusions cannot be drawn.


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