Rakul Preet and jackky’s marriage: on February 22, Exclusive

Rakul Preet and jackky’s marriage: on February 22, Exclusive

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Rakul Preet and Jackky’s marriage, on February 22 in Goa says Vineeth to Kiran. Kiran then says I wish to attend one celebrity wedding with a VIP ticket, but without the support of an influential person it is impossible or we should be the influential person. Although I know I am thinking to the sky I cannot stop my thoughts of course If you or I become an influential person in life my wish wouldn’t be impossible.

Kiran: Why aren’t you speaking?

Vineeth: What is there to speak? when I am listening to your usual daydreaming projects

Kiran: You will take me with you right, if you become an Influential person?

Vineeth: Yes Everyone I know, Except You

Kiran: Is It so?

Vineeth: Tell me more details about their marriage and them because you are daydreaming, so you would know

Kiran: They started dating in October 2021

Vinneth: ok

Kiran: She is an actress, he is a producer

Vineeth: Everyone knows that

Kiran: Rakul Preet and jackky’s marriage and its details are private because they love privacy

Vineeth: This is a piece of information other than what everyone knows

Kiran: Listen first, both of them are enjoying their break in Bangkok and ………..

Vineeth: This is why I interrupt

Kiran: ok leave all those, Jackky Bhagnani is going to attend his bachelor party in Bangkong

Vineeth: What, Bachelor party Just before marriage? You mean

Kiran: What I know, you go and ask him

Vineeth: without knowing anything about Rakul Preet and Jackky’s marriage you are daydreaming about attending the marriage with a VIP ticket

Rakul Preet and jackky's marriage

Kiran: Not their marriage but celebrity marriage

Vineeth: whatever it may be

Kiran: On October 2021 Bhagnani posted with Rakul Preet on Instagram, The caption read, “Without you days; doesn’t seem like days without you eating the most delicious food isn’t fun”

couple Rakul Preet and jackky's , Official Couple: Rakul Preet Singh & Jackky Bhagnani
Bollywood Couple: Rakul Preet Singh & Jackky Bhagnani

Vineeth: Good, little details

Kiran: Recently, Rakul Preet posted wishing Bhagnani his birthday, I think this was before Rakul Preet and jackky’s marriage announcement

Vineeth: Again you are proving, that you don’t know anything properly

Vineeth: Let it be but do you know the submission date of assignments, the submission date of record, the submission date of Imposition

Kiran: When?

Vineeth: Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

Kiran: Oh my god, what should I do now?

Vineeth: Just start working because the submission date is the day after tomorrow

Kiran: Oh my good time, give me your record and all the materials required to complete

Vineeth: Wait, Let’s discuss on Rakul Preet and jackky’s marriage

Kiran: Keep quiet before I burst out

After a few minutes, their teacher enters the class and begins the class on “why you should never look at every aspect of celebrity life”. As the class progressed Vineeth began to ridicule Kiran and asked him in a funny tone shall we discuss the topic that is not yet over on the other hand Kiran kept warning him to be quiet. At this point, a few minutes passed before kiran shouted at Vineeth to be quiet as the whole class looked at them

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1. When and Where Rakul Preet and Jackky’s marriage is to take place?

On February 22 in Goa, the marriage is to take place

2. Where are they now and what they are doing?

They both are on break, currently, they are in Bangkok Thailand

3. What about their work?

India 2 a new film will be released starring Rakul Preet with Kamal Hassan and Jackky is looking out for the release of his new production Bade Miyan Chote Miyan.

4. When did they start dating?

The couple informed the public that they were in a relationship through Instagram in October 2021

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