Rooftop Solar Scheme: Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana: 5 points Uncovered

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Rooftop Solar Scheme: Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana: 5 points Uncovered

One million users will get rooftop solar panels. The rooftop solar scheme is planned to promote solar electricity and help the poor reduce their electricity bills, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The middle-aged man in the family who listens to this just disregards it as any other news that changes nothing in his life. He shifts to entertainment channels and gets engaged in it.

Hours later, his ten-year-old son comes from school dreaming about having solar panels on the roof of their house, he gets the news from his teacher, who always says new things to children that they haven’t seen directly. The kid is so excited about having a solar panel without knowing the terms and conditions to be eligible for the rooftop solar scheme. He announces to them with a happy face that they are not going to face electricity problems as they get solar panels on their rooftop.

Both their parents stared at him in response. He wonders why they aren’t, happy with his ignorant face. He begins to write his homework on Pradhan Mantri Suryoday Yojana and also the homework given by his favourite teacher. He begins to read first, as usual.

He (reads): The devotees of the world get energy from Suryavanshi Lord Shri Ram. Today on the occasion of Lord Shri Ram’s consecration, my resolution is strengthened that: people of India must have their solar rooftop systems on the roof of their houses.

He: We are going to get solar panels. (In a loud voice)

Father: Keep quiet

He: why aren’t you interested in the Rooftop Solar Scheme

He (reads): The first decision I have taken is that our Government will launch Pradhan Mantri Suryo Day Yojana, the scheme aims to install rooftop solar for one crore houses. Further reading down, he gets informed about the important points of the scheme

Rooftop solar scheme

Important Points of Scheme

  1. It aims to provide a rooftop solar scheme to one crore poor houses
  2. The Prime ministers also said the scheme helps to reduce the electricity bill of poor households and also helps the country increase its share in Renewable energy
  3. Business Today also reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked officials to educate residential consumers about the benefits of adopting solar electricity by installing rooftop solar panels.

He reads: Solar panels come with a photovoltaic cell unit that converts the solar energy into electricity and transfers it to the main power supply unit or the connected unit. This in turn reduces grid electricity consumption and the carbon footprint.

He to Himself: The Rooftop solar scheme is nice but why are my mother and father not reacting to it

He(Reads): The data on the Ministry of Renewable Energy website says that 70.10 GW of solar power is the production as of December 2023. 11.08 GW is rooftop solar power. The Government launched the Rooftop Solar Program in 2014, which provides a 40% discount for those who wish to install rooftop solar panels.

He to Himself: It means the Rooftop solar scheme started in the year 2014

He (reads): The Government aims to achieve 40 Gigawatts of solar by 2022

He: Shall We have one on our rooftop, we can get a 40% discount

Father: Do you know what is the upfront cost with a discount?

He: What?

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1. What is the aim of the Rooftop solar scheme?

The Scheme aims to Provide one crore poor households with solar rooftop panels to decrease their electricity bills and increase the country’s share in renewable energy.

2. When was the scheme launched?

The scheme was launched on January 22, the day of Ram Lalla’s consecration at Ayodhya Ram Mandir.

3. How much amount of solar power is produced as of December 2023 in the country?

The country produces 73. 31 GW of solar power out of which

4. How many Houses have rooftop solar houses as of now?

Less than ten lakh households have solar rooftops. As of July 31, 2023, only 2.2 GW worth of electricity rooftop installations are made in households.

5. What are the terms and conditions to be eligible for a rooftop solar scheme?

The terms and conditions for eligibility are not yet announced. However, income will be the criteria to be eligible as the PM said only for “poor HouseHolds”.

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