Safer Internet Day 2024: Theme, History and more

Safer Internet Day 2024: Theme, History and more

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Every Year on February 8 safer Internet Day is observed. The objective of the Day is to educate users on the importance of online safety, especially children and youngsters.

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This initiative was initially started in the European region after several years of Internet consumption highlighted the Importance of online safety. The awareness of online safety increased in other parts of the world with the increase in Internet consumption. Currently, the Initiative is observed worldwide except in some interior places eg: People living near the Amazon rain forest, the Central African Republic etc. Since Internet connectivity and usage are set to increase, awareness of online safety is said to follow it.

The writer wrote the first paragraph of the speech and rechecked his writings to identify mistakes. He has been appointed by the District collector to write a speech on Safer Internet Day which will be given as a speech by the collector herself. He does not leave any book, note, or website to get fresh thoughts to continue his speech in this process he remembers that he has forgotten simple things such as the theme of the year and history.

His mind is quite relaxed however his thoughts on writing a complete speech haven’t left him of course it is not his school or college projects the writer knows that very well. He then notes down the Theme of the Safer Internet Day 2024

“Together for a better Internet” is the theme of the Safer Online Day 2024, note down the writer.

He then notes down “The Safer Online Day 2024 is the 19th edition initially it was started in the year 2004 as part of the Safe Borders Project. The Project responsibility was taken up by the Insafe network. The Safer Internet Days is currently celebrated in 200 countries in other words worldwide.”

He has reached the point, where he should search for the content so that he can meet the minimum number of words that is essential for speech after a thorough research he decides to write about safer Internet centres and safer Internet day committees.

Here the writer learns that every national centre has a responsibility to create awareness of online safety, Insafe is one such network for safer Internet centres it works closely with the youth and ensures a safer online Journey for all the users. The Safer Internet Day coordination team which is in Brussels is working with Safer Internet Day committees. This concept was first introduced in 2009 to have a strong relationship with the countries that are outside the network.

The Writer takes a break, and a few thoughts of writing further, however, he realizes the word count limit will be breached and begins to conclude by writing “The safer Internet day is celebrated for the promotion of safe online Journey and also serves as a day for discussion on using the technology with responsibility”.

Before the writer could end the speech planning he realised that he had not written, on ‘How Safe Online Day would be celebrated’. However, he relaxes as it doesn’t require brainstorming. He then writes the day can be celebrated by educating the users on the importance of online safety, training children on how they should respond in case of cyber crimes, the Necessity of protecting the victim’s identity by contributing in the way one can etc.

The writer relaxes his mind and body after knowing that his speech planning has been completed.

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1. When did this Safer Internet Day start in which year?

In the year 2004, the Safe Border Project was started which was then changed into Safe Internet Day in the year 2009

2. Which edition of Safe Internet Day this is?

The Safe Internet 2024 is the 19th edition

3. What is the theme of the safe online day in 2024?

Together for a better Internet is the theme of the safe online day 2024.

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