Sahara Maritime IPO: To pummel on 18th December

Austin, an Investor by passion, is in a room full of charts, He has started analyzing companies of various stocks, including Sahara Maritime, as their subscription is going to be launched today. His analysis began in sectors such as Defense, Health care, automobiles, and Transportation of goods through roads, water and air.

Suddenly, a knock on the door is heard. Austin walks to the door and opens it, mom Billy is here, says Austin. Billy begins his usual talk of how he drove his bike on the highway and was finally caught by police. The next day, his mother came with bail papers, he says. It’s Billy’s nature, says Austin’s mother. Both walk into the room. Billy is shocked looking at the number of charts on the walls of Austin’s room.

Billy: What’s all this?

Austin: Collecting, Analyzing, and Making Decisions on Investing

Billy: All this is a waste of time, I know a person who will tell you which stock goes up and for how long. Come, I will introduce you to him

Austin: I don’t want to make a penny in an illegal way

Billy: Can’t you see the outside world? Only those who are earning illegally are growing and also have respect in society.

Austin: I don’t know about that, but surely in the stock market, earning through insider trading is illegal and also dangerous

Billy: What’s dangerous in that?; So you are investing in this stock, Sahara Maritime

Austin: (Without replying to the second question) The person you know might betray just for his gain; once he gets to know we have trusted him,

Billy: I have known him for two years, he is not such a person

Austin: If he is not such a person, then why is he involved in insider trading?

Billy: You are Sherlock Holmes in debate, I am leaving.

Billy leaves angrily

Sahara Maritime

Austin begins his journey of analyzing with the help of key metrics P/E ratio, P/B ratio, debt to equity, face value, book value, ROE etc. As he looks across these metrics he remembers to check on shipping routes, that Sahara Maritime wants its freights to go. Due to the Middle East crisis, it is an important aspect he needs to look at. If the freights are moving through the Red Sea then there is no point in Investing, in this stock as the Houthi rebels are attacking ships that pass through the area.

Austin now looks at other intricate details of Sahara maritime

  1. Launch date: December 18
  2. Listed on: Bombay Stock Exchange
  3. Price per share: 181
  4. Plan to raise: 6.88 crores
  5. Reported revenue in 2023: 26.11 crores
  6. Reported revenue in 2022: 21.05 crores
  7. Market area: Domestic Market

Austin argues with his mind for creating disturbances

Mind: What are you talking about?

Austin: Why did you take me to the International waters?

Mind: You, have to think about everything

Austin: The market of the Sahara Maritime is only Domestic, what’s the point in taking it there?

Mind: You did not tell me, It’s not my mistake.

Austin: shut up, I told You to think only after I gave you all the details

Mind: okay, cool down

Austin doesn’t know what to do, confused about his final decision. As his mind is playing games and his body is not cooperating. On the other hand, his mother is shouting about not having food on time but Austin wants to complete the task that he started. His face looks depressed, his mind requires rest and his body needs physical activity. But he is forced to leave his room with his Sahara maritime IPO incomplete as his stomach demands it.

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1. In What Business Is Sahara Maritime Involved?

Sahara Maritime is involved in the transportation of goods through ships

2. What is the market of Sahara Maritime?

The market of Sahara Maritime is Domestic. It supplies the goods from a coastal city to another coastal city Eg: From Vishakhapatnam to Mangalore

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