SNAP Results to be declared on January 10: official website

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SNAP Results

The SNAP Results will be declared today; next year it will be ours says an MBA aspirant to his friend. He is also an MBA aspirant. Both are keen to be admitted to colleges affiliated with Symbiosis International (Deemed University) or Symbiosis International University. However, both are aware the Journey to admission is filled with rocks and terrains and post-admission is filled with thorns. This isn’t stopping them from doing whatever it takes to reach their destination. They begin their usual preparations after a few hours one of them suggests why don’t we talk to our senior, who is also from our town. The other aspirant agrees, and both walk to the senior’s home.

After twenty minutes they reach his home their neighbour’s two-year-old kid who is fond of him gets inside their home and tells him that two people are waiting for him. He asks her to ask for their names and the purpose of the visit. As she tells him the names, he understands that they are his juniors and asks them to wait for thirty minutes she communicates the same to the juniors. After hearing this one of them tells another I think we are getting used to this the latter replies we already have got used to this. We need to realize it.

Today SNAP results will be declared to another, latter shouts back by saying why are you repeating this as if it’s your results? Meanwhile, the senior comes out and asks them what the noise is. (In an authoritative tone) they both mumble in return. He calls them inside, makes them sit on the floor and asks them what the purpose of coming here? by scrolling phones and having snacks. They both mumble again; the senior looks at them with angry eyes. One of them finally asks.

Aspirant: We want to know about SAP Exam

Senior: What should I give you the question paper?

Aspirant: No, what kind of questions do we encounter

Aspirants themselves: Shall we ask him about his results because today is SNAP results(In a little voice), keep quiet the other

Senior: Whom I am talking to?

Aspirant: With Us

Senior: Then shut your mouth

Aspirant(after a few minutes): Types of questions we encounter like critical thinking, creativity, memory questions etc.

Senior: Tells few things and keeps quiet

Aspirant: what about the objective questions

SNAP Results

Senior: He tells them only a few things and keeps quiet

Aspirant: We Want to know all the details of the Exam

Senior: can’t you ask properly useless people

Aspirant: (keeps quiet)

Senior: The test name is Symbiosis National Aptitude Test in short form we call it (SNAP), The Exam is conducted in three parts first is a computer-based test(CBT) on December 10, the second on December 17 and the third on December 22. If a candidate gets shortlisted they have to participate in further process of admission (GE-PI)

Aspirant: We know this they mumble

Aspirant: Today is SNAP Results ……………….

Senior: without listening to them, shut up do not speak about any extra things

Aspirant: No (The other aspirant stops him from speaking further)

Senior: What were you saying a few minutes back

Aspirant: Today is SNAP Results

Senior: Idiots, why can’t you tell me this earlier I forgot about it and rushed to the website to check the result

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1. when and how was the Exam conducted?

The Exam was conducted in three slots the first one was a computer-based test(CBT) and the second, and third were conducted in offline mode. The dates are December 10, 17 and 22.

2. What is the Purpose of the Exam?

The Exam is called as SNAP it is necessary for admission to an MBA seat at Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

3. What is the full form of SNAP?

SNAP stands for Symbiosis National Aptitude test

4. Which is the official website to check SNAP results?

To know the official website to check SNAP results click here

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