Taiwan Earthquake 2024: Impact, Rescue and past Earthquakes

A massive 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan; seven people died and over 700 others were injured. the strongest earthquake in 25 years

Taiwan Earthquake: overview

Manoj and Sumit are working in the office. Summit receives a notification of the article “Strongest Earthquake in 25 Years in Taiwan”.

Sumit: hey, look at this: a massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake that struck eastern Taiwan.

Manoj: 7.4 magnitude it’s a massive earthquake. When did it happen?

Submit: On Wednesday morning, this earthquake was the strongest one in 25 years, said a Taipei seismology official.

Manoj: Are there any casualties?

Sumit: yes, seven people have died and over 700 others were injured in the Taiwan earthquake. As reported by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake’s epicentre was located 18 kilometres south of Taiwan’s Hualien City, at a depth of 34.8 kilometres. And 20 people were trapped in the 26 buildings that collapsed.

Manoj: 26 building? Huge damage

Sumit: yes, it’s more than half in Hualien city. The rescue process is ongoing. Taiwan also issued a tsunami warning.

Past Taiwan’s Earthquake

Manoj: I think Taiwan saw a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the 90s. When so many people lost their lives.

Sumit: Yes, Taiwan was hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in September 1999. and in this Taiwan Earthquake around 2004 people lost their lives. And, in 2018, Hualien City was hit by an earthquake.
The reason behind Taiwan’s frequent earthquakes is that Taiwan is situated near tectonic plate junctions; that’s why they experience frequent earthquakes. And

Summit continues: one of the residents of Taipei said “Earthquakes are a common occurrence, and I have grown accustomed to them. But today was the first time I was scared to tears by an earthquake.”

Manoj: hmm, and how authorities are working to ease the situation.

Sumit: Taiwan’s president, Tsai Lng-wen said that she directed her administration to promptly investigate the situation and assess the impacts swiftly. She also instructed them to offer essential aid and collaborate with local governments to reduce the disaster’s impact.

Visuals from the Taiwan Earthquake

Manoj: Let me search about it on Google. See this video shared by the user. Commuters stopped on a bridge as it shook violently during the earthquake People on scooters and in cars quickly moved after the shaking stopped

Sumit: In this one, a building was left leaning to one side with part of its roof collapsed onto the bikes parked outside.

Manoj: And look at this, this video captured by a car’s dashcam, which showed the earthquake’s impact as it happened.

Sumit: let’s keep Taiwan in our thoughts and send them our best wishes as they recover from this disaster.

Manoj: sure.

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1. How strong was the Taiwan earthquake?

The earthquake in Taiwan had a magnitude of 7.4, making it the strongest earthquake to hit the region in 25 years.

2. Were there any casualties or injuries reported in the Taiwan earthquake?

Tragically, there were casualties and injuries reported. Seven people lost their lives and over 700 others were injured as a result of the earthquake.

3. What measures were taken in response to the Taiwan earthquake?

Following the earthquake, Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, ordered immediate action to assess the damage and provide aid to those affected.

4. What caused the earthquake in Taiwan?

The earthquake in Taiwan was caused by the movement of tectonic plates beneath the earth’s surface. Taiwan is located near the boundary of two tectonic plates, making it prone to seismic activity.

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