Twin blasts in Iran at Qasem Suleiman ceremony: 103 killed

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Twin blasts in Iran hit the city of Kerman in southern Iran during Former General Qasem Suleiman’s anniversary. The blasts throw an entire family far away and separate from each other. Everyone’s thought is whether other members of the family are alive. A young woman has an injury, not a serious injury hopefully but she is worried about her family more than herself. She runs across the crowds without knowing where she is running or where she should run with a high breath, crowds are blocking her pathway with the chaos continues to grow.

Thirteen Minutes later, the woman started to sweat out of fear for her family. On the other hand, the medics wanted her to get first aid, at this moment a second blast ripped off near the woman. The news of “Twin blasts in Iran” has now hit the Global Headlines with this the entire city was put on alert. With God’s Grace, she escaped injuries but not the mental and emotional pain of losing her children, as they are just four and eight. After another few minutes, the crowd fears a third blast and wants to leave the place but nobody can because they are jam-packed with similar people.

The police arrived to clear the road; people were forcefully sent to hospitals in ambulances because they didn’t want to leave the place without knowing the fate of their family members. An Hour passed by the time she reached the hospital in an ambulance passing through roads filled with people instead of cars. The nurse completed the first aid and, in the next few seconds, she found herself searching for her family members. After two hours she saw her husband running from corridor to corridor shouting her name, she yelled back when she found him.

They both reunite after a few hours, it’s like years for them but their journey has not ended yet. When dozens of them are going through these struggles for many in their city, the incidents are just twin blasts in Iran (means news). The Husband and wife are in a state of mind as they were during the initial days of their marriage because Household chores and financial problems have never let them speak with their heart. Meanwhile, the reporters announced the death toll has risen to 103 from 20 with this the couple’s heartbeat rises too.

As the Hours pass, authorities gather all the children in one place. They are now announcing their names so that their parents can pick them. The couple stood in a place to listen. The whole area was filled with noise and is now occupied with silence. The couple began to run as they heard their children’s names with the hope of finding their children, but the presence of hundreds of children made it more difficult to know where they were. Meanwhile, the media announces the attacks were carried out by terrorists; but the couple doesn’t want to listen or see anything except their children.

Iran twin blasts kill over 103 on Qasem Soleimani’s death anniversary
141 were injured in the twin blasts in Iran

The Global News further says 141 people were injured in the twin blasts in Iran among them there are children, with this statement the couple ran back to the hospital only to return with empty hands. The couple is now in fear, If our children are with other children it’s fine; but what if they are among the dead? This thought is in both of their minds. Even then, each one is afraid to express it to their partner.

This is not the thought of the one family but hundreds of others due to the twin blasts in Iran says the reporters of Global news channels. Authorities ordered people with their family members to leave the place immediately. The crowd had decreased the couple finally found their children in one place with little injuries. The authorities made them sit together after noting down their parents’ names finally the family reunited.

The Family then started their journey back home, the wife began fighting with her husband for forcing her to bring children with her. The husband replied that he can’t predict the future and make plans accordingly. He then said this incident has now become popular in the whole world with the phrase “twin blasts in Iran”. The wife blasts him and accuses him of not taking care of the family. He then argues back this is the ceremony of martyred General Qasem Suleiman, not some useless person like you.

The angrier woman stops speaking to her husband. Meanwhile, the eight-year-old boy asks who is Qasem Suleiman. His father replies how he created fear in enemies and what he did to the country until they reached home. The boy said, “I will become like him when I grow”.

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1. What happened at the Qasem Suleiman anniversary?

A bomb blast occurred at 15:04(local time) in the city of Kerman in southern Iran during the anniversary of Qasem Sulieman. Thirteen minutes later another bomb blast occurred near the previous blast site. This has come to be known as twin blasts in Iran.

2. Who is Qasem Suleiman?

He was an Iranian military officer who served in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, he joined the IRGC Quds Force in the year 1979, he rose to rank and in the year 1998, he was appointed as the commander of the Quds Force which was responsible for military operations in other countries he served in the position until his death in January 2020.

3. How many people have been killed and injured as of now?

More than 100 people have been and 211 people are injured as per recent reports.

4. Why several news reports are referring to it as “Twin blasts in Iran”?

Twin blasts in iran

After the first blast, the second blast occurred near the site also within a short span of fifteen minutes. This allowed the reporters to address it in a short form.

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