Twinkle Khanna graduated in 2024: Akshay Kumar is Happy

 Twinkle Khanna graduation in 2024

Akshay Kumar’s wife, Twinkle Khanna, graduated from the University of London with a Master’s in Fiction Writing. Their fans expressed heartwarming notes after getting the news through social media. Several people wished them success, but the definition of success varied from person to person, few replied with simple notes such as “nice”, “beautiful”, “life is a bed of roses,” etc. The couple is going through these replies and rewinding their memories as they read them. Few messages touched their hearts, whereas few didn’t.

Twinkle Khanna: Check out the replies for the post, you have uploaded

Akshay Kumar: Which post?

Twinkle Khanna: I am talking about the post in which I wore a Graduation cap. Also, name the post “Twinkle Khanna Graduated.”

Akshay Kumar: OK

Akshay Kumar: Look, I have written an emotional note, congratulating you for completing graduation, and shared a photo from the day of the graduation ceremony.

Twinkle Khanna: Yes

Akshay Kumar: I am telling you to look at the replies; they’re increasing even now.

Twinkle Khanna: Of course, but the dress we wore is getting the attention of fans. Did you notice it?

Twinkle Khanna: Tell me what dress you and I wore on “Twinkle Khanna graduated day.”

Akshay Kumar: Why do you say that for everything?

Akshay Kumar: (He then says) I believe…

Twinkle Khanna: at least look and say (In an angry tone)

Akshay Kumar (looking at his phone): I wore a sweater, a black coat, and matching pants. You wore a green saree and a graduation cap

Twinkle khanna graduated

Twinkle Khanna: At least do you remember the note you wrote?

Akshay Kumar: (Looking at the phone) Yes, it is

Twinkle Khanna: Without looking at the phone

Akshay Kumar: No

Twinkle Khanna: You wrote, “Two years ago when you told me you wanted to take up studies all over again, I wondered if you meant it. But the day I saw you work so hard and perfectly manage a full-fledged student life along with home, career, me and kids, I knew I had married a superwoman. Today, on your graduation, I also wish I had studied a bit more to know enough words to tell you how proud you make me, Tina. Congratulations and all my love (black heart emoji).”

Akshay Kumar: OK, leave it the world doesn’t fall If I forgot

Twinkle Khanna: Look at the replies

Akshay Kumar: for the post you shared?

Twinkle Khanna: Yes, change the name of the post to “Twinkle Khanna GGraduated.

Akshay Kumar: Even this, the post is getting positive replies

Twinkle Khanna: Yes

Akshay Kumar: shall I read the post?

(Twinkle Khanna doesn’t reply)

Akshay Kumar: starts reading “And it’s here. Graduation day. My first day at Goldsmiths feels like it was both yesterday and years ago. A sunny day, a pretty sari, and having my family with me make this day even more perfect than I ever imagined. There comes a stage when the easiest way to grow is horizontally, but we have to push ourselves to grow in myriad other ways. Agree? Disagree?”

Twinkle Khanna: You forgot Everything, within a few days after Twinkle Khanna Graduated

Akshay Kumar: Is that why you are angry?

Twinkle Khanna: Oh my God

Audience: The Audience who were watching the TV show burst into laughter after listening to Akshay Kumar’s question.

Twinkle Khanna: Hope you forgot about my graduation day only in this show not in real life

Akshay Kumar: Yes, how will I forget

Twinkle Khanna: The anchor is now going to read about my work, listen and repeat after that

Anchor: Twinkle Khanna graduated from……………..

Akshay Kumar: You have done your master’s in Fiction Writing from Goldsmith’s, University of London. You have published four books Funnybones, Pyjamas Are Forgiving, Legend of Laksmi Prasad, welcome to the Paradise

Twinkle Khanna: How come you remember the book names?

Akshay Kumar: I do remember, letting the anchor read about my work

Anchor: He will be……………….

Akshay Kumar: He will be seen in the Hindi version of Soorarai Pootru, he is also working on Housefull 5 and The Jungle

Twinkle Khanna: How come you remember the book names?

she then sees how he used a Bluetooth speaker

Twinkle Khanna: so you don’t remember anything a few days after Twinkle Khanna Graduated (In an angry tone)

She then chases him

Akshay Kumar: save me

Audience: Bursts in laughter

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1. Who is Twinkle Khanna?

Twinkle Khanna is an Indian author, columnist, interior designer, film producer and former actress, she got married to Akshay Kumar 20 years ago

2. In which stream did Twinkle Khanna graduate and from which university?

Twinkle Khanna graduated from Goldsmith’s, University of London with a Master’s in Fiction writing

3. What did Akshay Kumar say when people asked about his wife’s studies?

 without any thoughts, he said “People go off to drop their kids to college. I’m going to drop my wife to the University of London as she goes to do her Masters in Fiction Writing.”

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