UPI Services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka Launch by PM Modi

On February 12, 2024, the launch of UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe and Prime Minister of Mauritius, H.E. Mr Pravind Jugnauth.

UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka

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In Mauritius Rupay card services also has been launched via video conferencing. The news hit the ears of the citizens of all three countries. However, not everyone responded to the news of UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka positively, some were negative and the majority were neutral. The Mauritians were filled with mixed reactions over the announcement of making the Rupay a domestic card.

A Sri Lankan Businessman smiled when he read “Centuries of Economic Relations between two countries”. Moving his eye he reads the words of Indian PM Modi who said the relationship between the three countries is now taking the form of digital technology, the PM then said this is proof that the government is willing to develop. The businessman learns that the Prime Minister also said “India’s UPI or United Payments Interface comes in a new role today – Uniting Partners with India.”

The businessman’s hopes were raised when he read, that people in remote parts of the country have adopted the UPI in India. With the emergence of UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka the same hopes are on it. The comfort it offers led to 100 billion transactions worth two lakh crore annually said Prime Minister Modi. He then said last-mile delivery through the GEM Trinity of bank accounts, Aadhar and mobile phones, Rs 34 lakh crores were transferred to the accounts of eligible people. The Prime Minister also mentioned the world’s biggest vaccination Programme. The Businessman has now started dreaming of several business-friendly policies his mind is filled with how digital payments help his business.

In this hope, he moves his eyes and reads “India’s policy is ‘Neighborhood First’. Our maritime vision is SAGAR i.e. Security and growth for all in the region. India does not see its development separately from its neighbours.” Indian Prime Minister said this he; murmurs. He again hopes to read in the next few lines and learn that Indian Prime Minister Modi has said referring to the vision document that financial connectivity is an important part. The Businessman initially thinks it is part of UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka but later he hopes for business-friendly policies again.

The businessman’s mind is now filled with the words “financial connectivity” he eagerly awaits business-friendly policies. While reading instead he learns, that the Indian Prime minister has said UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka help in the transformation of the rural economy in respective countries. He also learns that the Indian Prime minister has said  “I am confident that Indian tourists will give priority to destinations with UPI. People of Indian origin living in Sri Lanka and Mauritius and students studying there will also get special benefits from it”.

The Businessman has now gotten frustrated by expecting business-friendly policies, with his last leg of patience he reads further, that the launch of UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka will benefit students who are studying and tourists of the country. Before he could dump his frustration on his employees he looks the title which read UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka launched, which kept him going up to now. The title gives him patience and reduces his frustration. However, when he reads our friends are not only friends in economic relations but also during natural disasters, health issues, economic crises etc, he loses the last leg of his patience breaks his system and destroys his employees with words.

Sitting aside with injuries his laptop quietly reads the Prime minister said “India has been the first responder and will continue to be so”. After a few minutes, one of the employees stares at the laptop and sees how it is shivering at the Businessman’s anger.

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1. when UPI services in Mauritius and Sri Lanka were launched?

The UPI services were launched on February 12 in both countries. Now an Indian can use UPI to make payments in Mauritius and Sri Lanka. On the other hand, the citizens of Mauritius and Sri Lanka can make payments while being in India.

2. What is the full form of UPI and what did the Prime Minister say about it during his speech?

It stands for United Payments Interface, and the Prime minister said it is Uniting partners with India. He was referring to how countries are accepting the Indian Payment system.

3. Are rupay card services available in Sri Lanka?

No, currently the Rupay card services are available only in Mauritius. In Srilanka only UPI services are available.

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