Vadodara: Boat overturned 16 dead, 14 were kids: Tragedy

Vadodara: Boat overturned 16 dead, 14 were kids: Tragedy

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The boat overturned in Vadodara 16 people died, and 14 among them were children who were on a school picnic. It is just a news for few days says a young woman, who is researching accidents related to water that occurred in India between 2000-2023. Just as Every human being becomes stagnant for an emotion. So does she, reading thousands of articles on this for the past six months has made her non-responsive to these types of incidents. She has classified the research papers into several dead and their age groups. The accident that involves more people with kids is placed first and second, third, fourth etc.

Her research continues not all the incidents she documents except a few. When looking for an incident to document she uncovers an incident that occurred in the 1990s at Harni Lake in Vadodara Gujarat. Before she decided to document it, she realised it was the same place that she heard in the news. She switches on a news channel not out of emotions but for the data. She begins noting down the details.

  1. 16 people died in that 14 of them were children and two teachers
  2. Twenty-four students and four teachers were on the boat when the incident occurred
  3. One student is undergoing treatment at the SSG Hospital
  4. The prime minister has announced 2 lakhs for dead persons and 50,000 for rescued persons
  5. The state Government has handed over the case to the District Magistrate of Vadodara and asked to submit a report in 10 days
  6. The Gujarat Government has announced four lakhs for the dead people and 50,000 for injuries
  7. Four people are still Missing
  8. Gujarat chief minister visited the victims who were admitted to the hospital
  9. A case has been registered says DCP Vadodara
  10. Vadodara Municipal Corporation has seized the place

After noting down the details she then documents about the search operation where she learns sonar search, underwater camera search, hooks and fishing nets were utilized to search for the bodies. Political Parties blamed the contractor for the incident. Congress termed the incident as “Murder” and demanded all those who are responsible should be punished with FIR.


The woman then shifts to document how unsure the number of victims and who are they as different sources claim differently. A few said four children did not board whereas the other few said that four staff are missing. Without a thought or an emotion, she shifts to the next process of her Research. She gets to know an FIR had been registered against 18 people among them 15 are the partners of M/S Kotia projects and three employees of the lake who have now been arrested.

The details of FIR say not only those related to M/s Kotia are not supposed to enter the premises but also the others, if anyone reaches there they will be booked under relevant sections said the Harni police station”. which is now been documented by the Researcher. Finally, she documents the steps taken to prevent such future incidents the district education offer (DEO) has said an inquiry began regarding whether the school has taken the necessary permissions to organize the picnic, and if we find any lapses we are going to initiate the necessary proceedings against the school.

The woman then begins documenting the incident that happened in the 1990s in the same place

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1. When and where the incident took place?

The incident occurred in the Harni Lake of Vadodara, Gujarat, on 18-01-2024 afternoon.

2. How many people are dead?

As of now, 14 people are dead twelve among them are school children and two others are teachers of the school.

3. What is the compensation amount announced by the Prime Minister?

The Prime Minister has announced 2 lakh for the dead people and 50,000 for those who are injured.

4. In which school were the students studying?

They were studying in Sunrise School Vadodara Gujarat

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