Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO: Shares list at 181% premium at NSE

Vibhor Steel Tubes saw an impressive debut on the stock market, opening at a premium of 181% over the IPO price. This stands as the most successful listing in 2024.

Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO: Shares list at 181% premium at NSE

A few days ago, the allotment status of the IPO of Vibhor Steel Tubes was declared, which made some people happy because they received allotment and were excited about the upcoming listing of the IPO. Others were disappointed and frustrated. There may have been people who were trying to get an allotment of the IPO for a long time or who wished to get an allotment in the Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO. There were others as well, whom we will talk about soon.

Seema and Ananya, childhood best friends studying in the last year of college, belong to those people. Ananya, 22 years old, was the first type of person. Yes, she received the allotment. Seema was not among the people who did not receive an allotment; she was one of those who knew about the IPO but had not subscribed to it. Ananya’s happiness was on another level after the IPO’s bumper listing this morning and Seema felt a bit jealous and regretful.

First, let’s see what made Ananya apply for The IPO of Vibhor Steel Tubes.

When the Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO was about to open, The friends of Ananya and Seema were discussing it and suggested both of them apply for the upcoming IPO named Vibhor Steel Tubes, which was said to be open at a high price.

Ananya started researching it and gathered some information, like the IPO being worth ₹72.17 crore and the names of the promoters and their shares: M/s Vijay Kaushik HUF, Vibhor Kaushik, Vijay Laxmi Kaushik, and Vijay Kaushik, the promoters of the company. They own 93.40% of the shares, a total of 1,32,46,500 equity shares. On the other hand, Seema knew everything about the IPO but was not showing any interest in applying for it.

When the IPO was open to apply, people showed great interest in it. Ananya was observing this and decided to apply. She applied on the last day. When the subscription status went to 298.86 times, it made her excited and also nervous because it meant a low possibility of her receiving an allotment. This made her check the investor categories who subscribed to the IPO. Seema didn’t apply for the IPO and once said to Ananya that the chances of her getting an allotment were very low. Ananya ignored it and said, “It doesn’t matter if I don’t receive the IPO.”

A few days later, Ananya received the allotment of the IPO, and Seema congratulated her with a regretful gesture. Seema started doing self-talk, “It won’t make her rich, how much per cent will it go up, 30-40?

But this morning, when Seema turned on the television to watch the listing of Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO, it made her regret her decision not to apply for the IPO. She was feeling jealous more than regretful because Vibhor Steel Tubes’ share price opened on NSE at ₹425 per share, 181.5% higher than the issue price which was ₹151.18. On BSE, it opened at ₹421 apiece, up 178.81% from the issue price.

They met in college. Seema, lacking enthusiasm, congratulated Ananya for securing the shares at such a high price and asked her to inform Seema when such IPOs become available.

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1. What was the listing price of Vibhor Steel Tubes shares on the stock exchanges?

A. Vibhor Steel Tubes shares debuted on the stock exchanges with a listing price of ₹425 on NSE, which was 181.5% higher than the issue price of ₹151.

2. How was the response to the Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO from investors?

A. The Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO received an overwhelming response from investors, with the subscription status reaching 298.86 times. Retail investors subscribed 188.17 times, Non-Institutional Investors (NII) 721.34 times, and Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) 178.73 times.

3. What was the price band and lot size for the Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO?

A. The price band for the Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO was set at ₹141 to ₹151 per share. The IPO lot size consisted of 99 shares, and investors could bid for a minimum of 99 shares.

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