Violence in Uttarakhand: Triggered by Madrasa razing 4 deaths

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Violence in Uttarakhand has led to the injuries of more than 200 people and consumed the lives of four people, which began over the razing of the madrasa. Curfew implemented, shoot and sight order issued

Violence in Uttarakhand

The news channel has invited the spokesperson of two major political Parties in the state for the debate on the issue of Violence in the city of Haldwani. The anchor of the news channel murmurs saying I have to listen to these people’s words which are filled with dirty words. Though they are from different political parties they have good relationships with one another. Today’s topic of debate is “Violence in Uttarakhand” which is merely a political tool and publicity says the other person.

A few minutes later both the representatives of the political parties enter the office speaking loudly and laughing, which tells that they have no concern for the dead or the injured. On the other hand, the anchor has got tired of hearing such kinds of fake arguments, but she is not supposed to show it through her face as per the orders of her Employer.

The Program finally begins

Debate is between the Representative of Political Party A and the Representative of Political Party B

A: Four people died and over 200 were injured among them hundred are police, what your government is doing?

B: We have done as per our ability that is why the death rate is low, what did your party do when you were in power

A: the topic is “violence in Uttarakhand”, not when we were in power

B: what topic, it’s you, who triggered violence

B: According to you. Demolition of mosques and madrassa built on Government land is triggering violence

A: I know all those keep quiet

B: That is why you paid for people to throw stones at the police, and administrative team and torched the police station and vehicles

A: Since you are in power it is easier for you to frame us

B: We don’t do such things, it all happened because you paid them that is why even the Haldwani SDM is injured

A: Leave that now you have imposed curfew under Banbhoolpura and also issued a shoot and sight order, which goes against the human rights

B: You paid them and now speaking about human rights

A: Keep quiet, I know about your human rights policy

B: We have closed schools and colleges in the city and also suspended the internet that is our human rights policy

A: Yes, that is why all the news channels are saying violence in Uttarakhand under the leadership of B

B: We bought four para-military force teams, and two Provincial armed constabulary teams reached Haldwani. who acts swiftly like us?

A: Your chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is sitting in the office and passing orders our chief minister would have passed the same orders by sitting on the street.

B: Keep quiet he was having a meeting with DGP Abhinav Kumari and the chief secretary Radha Raturi that can’t be done in the streets

A: You have reasons for everything

B: I am not giving reasons, I am speaking facts Municipal Administration and workers followed a court order and demolished a mosque and madrassa built on government land. You sent people to the area and motivated them to protest and break barricades.

A: Just tell me I have planned everything

B: This is the first time violence in Uttarakhand has broken over ever since we came to power and I know who is behind it

A: Yes we told the police for lati charge and using tear gas shells against the protesters (sarcastically) which forced them to burn down the police stations and police vehicles

B: Police can take action if anyone prevents public servant from doing their duty

A: You also have controlled courts to create violence in Uttarakhand whole, that is why Malik colony residents petition against demolition was rejected by Uttarakhand High Court itself

B: The case will be heard on February 14, why do you worry about it

A (Speaking): ……………

Anchor: Sir, it’s break time

A: I did not even look at the time, it’s so funny arguing

A and B speaking and laughing about who is acting very well

UPDATE: The District magistrate has announced the suspension of 127 arms licenses held by 120 arms holders, she also has ordered the Surperindent of police to take possession of those weapons within 24 hours. The action is taken as part of a preventive measure that it may be used to commit further crimes.

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1. What is the reason behind violence in Uttarakhand?

Violence in Uttarakhand broke out over the demolition of the mosque and madrassa built on government land. The action was taken following the court order.

2. How many people have died and injured?

Four people are dead and more than 200 are injured

3. What is the action the government has taken to stop the violence?

The Government has passed shoot and sight orders, imposed a curfew and disconnected the Internet. The chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami had a meeting with DGP Abhinav Kumari and the chief secretary Radha Raturi, has also asked everyone to maintain peace.

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