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Vijay Deverakonda posts an image of himself enjoying street food, but fans ask about Rashmika Mandanna without asking about food or where he is. The college student who read this says to himself “I also had a similar thought.”. Little did he know that his father was about to catch him with his phone, as he had instructed him to study for exams. To add spice to the situation, his friend wants him to discuss the latest news before he makes a decision. His father knocks on the door.

Knowing it is his father, he scrambles to hide his phone; however, he doesn’t have much time, so he will raise suspicion. This forced him to open the door by hiding his mobile under the bed. His father did not suspect his son would be looking at Rashmika Mandanna on his phone because he opened the door quickly. The man takes the item he requires and leaves the place. He breathes a sigh of relief for two reasons, first, he does not suspect that his son has a phone, and second, he is going outside on personal work.

He is looking in the holes in the wall of his room to see when his father is going out, after a few minutes his father finally leaves the house. The urge to look at the stars hits him later, and he resists remembering his father. He picks a book to read and goes on for a few lines, which consumes a few minutes, but he feels like hours. He promises himself to study at any cost. After another few hours, that is minutes, he gets a call from his friend. The absence of his father defeats his promise, and he picks up the phone and begins to discuss.

Kiran: How come you picked up the phone?

Kaliya: My father is not at home

Kiran: Oh I see, then shall we discuss on Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Devaraknonda

Kaliya: I need to study

Kiran: Is it then why did you pick up the phone

Kaliya: Because of your torture

Kiran: There are ways to get rid of the torture you could have switched off, put in silent mode or blocked me. You did not do any such things which shows you are interested in discussion on movie stars not on studies.

Kaliya: Whatever it may be say fast

Kiran: You have to say, you are the one who updates me

Kaliya: Nothing Much Vijay Devrakonda posted a photo enjoying street food fans asked him about Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Devrakonda

Kiran: That’s it?

Kaliya: I will disconnect the phone

Kiran: Wait, any more news

Kaliya: nothing

Kiran: about work

Kaliya: Vijay is busy shooting for “Family Star” whereas Rashmika is busy in “Pushpa 2”, bye

Kiran: Did fans make any prediction on the whereabouts of Rashmika

Kaliya: In an Excited tone “Some said she is behind the camera” and their engagement is on the second week of February per the reports……………………………………….

Kiran: Stop it’s been two hours check whether your father is back home

Kaliya: Oh yes, no he hasn’t I just saw now

Kiran: Ok

Kaliya: Wait, I think someone is standing at the door

He opens the door by keeping his phone on his ears, only to find his father he then asks him whether he completed the assignment on Rashmika Mandanna. He breathes a sigh of relief and says to himself since he has an exam on “The Indian Film Industry” he may have thought like this.

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1. In which film shooting are Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Deverakonda?

Rashmika Mandanna is currently shooting for ‘Pushpa 2’ and Vijay Devrakonda is shooting for “Family Star”

2. When is the Engagement of Rashmika and Vijay Deverakonda?

Reports stated that the Engagement is on the second week of February

3. Did the actress attend the Animal Success celebration?

Yes after completing the ‘Pushpa 2’ shooting in Hyderabad, she went to Mumbai to attend the Animal Movie Success Celebration.

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