WPL 2024: Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians Highlights

Harmanpreet Kaur’s outstanding performance, capped by a winning six, led the Mumbai Indians to their second WPL 2024 victory, defeating the Gujarat Giants by five wickets.

WPL 2024

It’s Monday. Like most people, Shubham, a corporate employee, also hates this dreadful day. One of the ways he copes with these types of days is by having casual talks with his colleagues, who sometimes also feel the same.

This time, Shubham chooses Ritu. He slides his chair toward Ritu.

Shubham: What are you doing?

Which you should do too, work. Ritu answers without looking at him and keeps typing on the computer.

Shubham: How did you spend your weekend?

Ritu: I went to watch WPL 2024 at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium on Sunday. And I know you are not interested in women’s cricket, so let me do my work.

Shubham: Who told you that I am not interested in women’s cricket? I am interested in cricket; it doesn’t matter whether men are playing or women. It’s just a sport. Gender does not matter.

Ritu finally turns to his face. Really?

Shubham: yes.

Ritu: Then tell me who won the match last night.

Shubham makes a thinking facial expression.

Ritu: Do you even know? Which teams played the match?

Yes, I know that Shubham replied with confidence. The match was played between the Gujarat Giants and the Mumbai Indians.

Ritu nodded. “At least you know this?”

Shubham: Give me highlights of the match, this might spark my interest in watching WPL 2024.

Ritu: And then you won’t badger me?

Shubham: yes, I won’t

Ritu: OK. Just to give you some past information, in the WPL 2023 last year, both the Gujarat Giants and Mumbai Indians played twice, and the Mumbai Indians) won both times. And yesterday’s match was the third match of this continuing WPL 2024.

In yesterday’s match, MI won the toss and chose bowling. You know who is the captain of the MI, right?

Shubham: Of course, I know that Harmanpreet Kaur is the captain of MI.

Ritu said, “Thank God,” with a sigh.

Ritu: Shabnim Ismail took two wickets early, which put GG (Gujrat giants) under pressure. Beth Mooney, the batsman for GG, hit a few boundaries that helped them score more runs. Shabnim Ismail and Amelia Kerr’s bowling was excellent and also dominated, which made GG score only 126 runs and lose 9 wickets. Shabnim took three wickets for MI. Tanuja Kanwar scored the most runs for GG in the match. She scored 28 runs off 21 balls, including four boundaries.

Shubham: And what about MI? How did they perform in batting? Did they win or lose?

Ritu: So, the captain, Harmanpreet, scored 55, and Yastikaa Bhatia, wicketkeeper-batter, scored 57 in 45 balls, hitting two sixes and eight fours. For the Mumbai Indians, skipper Harmanpreet scored 55, while wicketkeeper-batter Yastika Bhatia cracked eight fours and two sixes to make 57 from 45 balls. Amelia Kerr (24) put on 44 vital runs for the fourth wicket with Harmanpreet. And if we talk about top performers, Amelia Kerr stole the show with 4 wickets for 17 runs. MI secured a victory by five wickets. MI scored 129/5 (18.1), which is their second consecutive victory in the WPL 2024.

Shubham: Oh, so, MI won the match. When is the next match of the WPL 2024, today? and which teams are playing?

Ritu: Obviously, today. Between the UP Warriors and the Delhi Capitals. The live match time is 7:30 PM IST.

Shubham: ok. I will watch it.

Ritu: We will talk about it tomorrow. Now, let’s get back to work.

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1. Who chose to bat first, and who won the match?

The Mumbai Indians won the toss and chose to bowl first. The Mumbai Indians won the match by five wickets.

2. What was the final score of both teams in the match between the Gujarat Giants and Mumbai Indians?

The Gujarat Giants scored 126 runs and lost 9 wickets. The Mumbai Indians scored 129/5 in 18.1 overs.

3. Which team is playing today in the WPL 2024?

A. Today’s match is between the UP Warriors and the Delhi Capitals. The live match time is 7:30 PM IST

4. What does WPL stand for?

It stands for Women Premier League, the first edition is called WPL 2023, and the second edition is called WPL 2024. I was started in the year 2023 for the first time.

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